Hey Folks who follow this blog… you might want to see a new blog I have started for a cycling presenting Living Below the Line tour I am doing in the US and Canada this April – http://lunnyLBTL.wordpress.com 

My Global Poverty Project Presenting Live Below the Line Riding Tour from Portland to Whistler and back!

1500km on less than US$1.50/day for food – join me for the ride!

On a previous presentation tour – 2009 in New Zealand


Tour Itinerary… and Map – http://g.co/maps/94qsa

Thurs 5 Apr Portland, OR Arrive Portland 10.55pm
Fri 6 Portland, OR Set up and Presentation opportunity!
Sat 7 Portland, OR Presentation opportunity!
Sun 8 Portland,OR Presentation opportunity!
Mon 9 Portland,OR Presentation opportunity!
Tues 10 Kelso,WA Portland+ 90km → Kelso, WA via Longview City. Pres opportunity!
Wed 11 Grand Mound, WA Kelso, WA+ 90km → Grand Mound, WA. Pres opportunity!
Thurs 12 Kamilche,WA Grand Mound + 55km → Kamilche, WA via Olympia Pres opportunity!
Fri 13 ??? Kamilche, WA+ …km → ? on way to Port Angeles 170km away
Sat 14 Port Angeles, WA Continue of journey to Port Angeles
Sun 15 Victoria, BC Ferry toVictoria. Pres opportunity in evening in Victoria!
Mon 16 Victoria, BC Presentation opportunity!
Tues 17 Vancouver, BC Presentation opportunity! Victoria+ 35km to ferry from Swartz Bay and ferry. Tsawwassen + 55km to Vancouver.
Wed 18 Vancouver, BC Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 19 Vancouver, BC Presentation opportunity!
Fri 20 Squamish, BC Vancouver+ 70km → Squamish. Presentation opportunity!
Sat 21 Whistler, BC Squamish + 60km → Whistler. Presentation opportunity!
Sun 22 Whistler, BC Presentation opportunity!
Mon 23 Whistler, BC Presentation opportunity!
Tues 24 Squamish, BC Whistler + 60km → Squamish. Presentation opportunity!
Wed 25 Vancouver, BC Squamish + 70km → Vancouver. Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 26 Vancouver, BC Presentation opportunity!
Fri 27 Vancouver, BC Presentation opportunity!
Sat 28 Vancouver, BC Presentation opportunity!
Sun 29 Bellingham,  WA Vancouver + 90km → Bellingham. Presentation opportunity!
Mon 30 Arlington, WA Bellingham+ 85km → Arlington. Presentation opportunity!
Tues 1 May Seattle, WA Arlington+ 95km → Seattle. Presentation opportunity!
Wed 2 Seattle, WA Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 3 Seattle, WA Presentation opportunity!
Fri 4 Portland, OR Train back to Portland more presentations if requested and return bike, trailer. Then get organised for LBL
Sat/Sun 5/6 Portland & beyond? Make way to Calgary, Chicago or New York?
7-11 May Live Below the Line Where best to be for week of Live Below the Line?
3rd wk May Chicago?Europe Chicago 14 May for G8? Tour End – Depart for Europe latest May 23



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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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  1. Julia LM says:

    You know there are BIG hills, right? Between Vancouver and Whistler? (just checking)

    • lunny06 says:

      Yep 0-700m in elevation/ Love the hills because you get to go down them! Head winds are the killer… Cheers Julia and see if I can find some FGM champions for you on the tour!

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