Aotearoa New Zealand My Home in 2013?

New Zealand is so amazing even the rocks float here…

Sorry my blogging has been a bit lapsed but this full-time volunteering gig is really busy! And as I have been splashing on this blog I am setting up for a wonderful ride in north-western America in April – Living Below the Line!

Currently outside the window it is raining hard with wind gusts of up 100km/h which Wellington is a little famous for but I am just as inspired and resolved to make this my home next year.

I know I am totally whimsical and I will probably be writing to you from Oregon saying a similar thing in a month from now but I do feel there is something special for me here in NZ. I have kind of known for a long time that I wanted to spend time in this place. This was confirmed when I rode around the South Island in 2009.

What I can see here is meaningful time. I don’t feel I need to ‘settle’ but I would love to get to know a community – integrate with it, learn from it, support it and live it with time. I love new places and people but there is something yearning in me to intimately know fewer people and places with extended time. Maybe that is just called ‘settling’!

I can see a very clear future here with a mix of teaching, advocating, volunteering, nature, adventure and community.

The small community of Paekakariki has me totally encapsulated. I go for a walk, run or ride around this town and my mind races with a life I know I can (and probably will) lead. One of the big thoughts that has come to mind is a little proposal of the Simply Happy – a sustainable life model and education project… Plus I would have to like in a place that has a cool name like Paekakariki after living in places like Nanporo and Bonga!

For now it is a day in the elements of wonderful Wellington, then supporting and training for the GPP Ambassador program and of course the Live Below the Line ride in America soon!

A range of photos and un-commonsense to follow soon!

Pure amazing NZ nature


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2 Responses to Aotearoa New Zealand My Home in 2013?

  1. Julia LM says:

    Amazing, as ever. I love reading about you and what you’re up to. It is a magical special place and it deserves you and vice versa. I do hope you end up there. I will come to visit if you do. Just sent you an email introducing you to my best friend, who lives nearby. Here’s hoping for a connection!

    • lunny06 says:

      Thanks Julia. I have some great plans, active citizenship and community participation for the place I ‘settle’ for at least a few sleeps. Would to know anyone you know and even more to have you visit once in a spot for more than a few days!

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