Only two more blogs for Live Below the Line and then it is back to my ‘normal’ life blogs – this one is pretty apt for my ‘normal’ life and perspectives on this blog…

Live Below the Line Lunny

After a week of absence I better make sure I finish this blog off properly having blogged daily for an entire month while Living Below the Line and travelling 1000 miles – as much as possible on foot, cycle or pool!

For me in the aftermath I have been looking at everything with the Live Below the Line lens still firmly attached… The first shop post Live Below the Line was with fellow Global Poverty Project co-worker and also month-long Live Below the Line’er, Albert.

We knew we could buy and eat anything we wanted but out habits, thought processes and humility kept it strangly simple. Once had bout some essentials like a six pack of beer, soda water and corn flakes everything from there seems like an excess so we got some lentils, root vegetables and other typical Live Below the Line cusine for cooking.

In hindsight it was…

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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  1. lunny06 says:

    These burdens are not so much a burden for me but I feel for society – they tend to run society when WE should run society. I don’t want to have bad food advertising shoved in my face everywhere I look… I don’t want to see sexy pictures of cars… ‘You are not in traffic – you are traffic’ as I heard recently. We are society and we should demand happiness with what we have not what we don’t have – this is what makes people in developing countries ‘happy’. And then there is ice cream…!

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