The End Game

Sorry it has been a few moons since the last installment but my role as campaigns manager for The End of Polio in Canada has been taking all of my time, passion and energy (which I am absolutely loving – ). But having rubbed shoulders with so many inspirational people I am determined to get back on the blog again as I live in privilege with what I do, who I meet, what I learn and what I can share… Should be back on once every two weeks again! Cheers, d’Arcy.


What is the end game?

People who see my life of nomadic simple pleasures often worry for me that I will end up old, alone and poor not being able to look after myself.

Last night as I was brushing my teeth, a time when I do some of my best deeper thinking, I was thinking about when (if) I am 80 years old, how would I envisage my life at that time. I then got thinking – what would everyone think where they would be.

I think we can’t ask for more in life than to be Simply Happy and there is no right way to do it and ‘financial security’ is just one element of many that may contribute to this. I would argue positivity, resourcefulness, resilience, community, time and fun are just as valid and important factors.

My view is that by the age of 80 people will have hoped that they have worked hard, have a nice house and the freedom to do as they please and be content and happy. So end game – content and happy. This is my guess anyway.

When I reflect about my own life – I think it is likely I will have a very simple house or room or caravan or tent or form of shelter somewhere and freedom to enjoy what is around me and to be content and happy. So my end game is to be content and happy.

The me the big question in this is what is the path to that end game? I think most people maybe only focus on the end game and not the game which is what life is – the majority of our existence and I’m not convinced that there is an end game of finally being happy and content, it should be continuous and always there.

I love the journey of life and while I don’t really have financial security for the future in superannuation and assets I am able to be Simply Happy with what is around me and engage in activities that fuel my passions and interests and incredible richness in life. I don’t see this changing for the game or at the end game. I may not be able to have the ‘highest’ choices in life such as comforts and luxuries but I think I live life without ever needed or wanting them and in it has no effect in my happiness and contentment anyway.

Let’s see what happens when I am 80, sitting down with you, looking out over a sunset on a beautiful evening and sharing rich conversation about happiness in life from the past, at the present and into the future… but I think happiness is not an attainment it is now, accessible and forever.

Just thin of the nourishment that comes from living simply so others can simply live…


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