What a way to Hangout in Karachi…

The End of Polio was the host of guests talking live from Geneva, Switzerland; Toronto, Canada; Perth, Australia; New Delhi, India; Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan; all at the same time. Then who knows how many different countries were represented in our wide and diverse audience for this polio eradication chat!

The event was a live on-air Google+ Hangout – this is an interactive online video conferencing system that can have up to 9 guests and many thousands more watching, plus it is recorded for future reference and use.

Saved broadcast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07bh8Iiw_sw&feature=em-uploademail-new (I think this is the link as I have not been able to watch it as YouTube is restricted)

On this occasion the Hangout consisted of leaders in polio eradication and polio survivors. There was no place better than to have hosted this chat from Greenwich University, Karachi in Pakistan one of the three remaining endemic countries with polio.

The discussion, conversation, information and inspiration that ensued from this Hangout was significant. We heard some of the technical aspects of polio eradication from Dr Hamid Jafari from the World Health Organisation and also one of the heads of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. He explained about how they went about implementing the plan for India to become polio-free (now in it’s 20th month without a case of polio!). We also heard from Rod Curtis, the communications director for UNICEF India on the practicalities of polio eradication in a country like India and how it is possible for the last remaining reaches of polio affected areas.

As moderator I got to comment on the short time I had spent in Pakistan but how it had given me confidence for polio to be eradicated here. I have seen the logistical work that is happening in the background, the passion and determination of those on the frontline delivering vaccines and in the communications and public engagement aspects especially from another one of our panellists, Fatima Riaz from NUST BioReach Society and the advocacy work they are doing within Pakistan (see link here).

Please see below for the relevant links and full details of who took part in this conversation and it has been recorded and the mp4 file is available to download here if you don’t have access to YouTube (those in Pakistan) or if you prefer to download and watch offline – http://yousend.it/SNzsgy available to download till 17 Nov.

The End of Polio Google+ Hangout on Air


A Google+ Hangout on Air featuring Hamid Jafari, head of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and other leading figures from the world of polio eradication


Hosted from the Global Poverty Project’s The End of Polio Google+ account and saved version available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07bh8Iiw_sw&feature=em-uploademail-new


Friday, November 2, 6pm Geneva time, 1pm New York time, 5pm London time, 10am Los Angeles, 10pm Islamabad. Saturday, Nov 3, 4am Melbourne, 6am NZ.


  • To create a unique engagement point for our existing supporters.
  • To allow those who have just started on the polio awareness/advocacy journey to learn more and become more deeply engaged with this issue.
  • To give our supporters a sense of community and ownership, by allowing them to submit questions and hear from other polio networks and supporters.


  • Moderator: d’Arcy Lunn (Global Poverty Project, The End of Polio advocate)
  • Hamid Jafari (GPEI head and primarily credited with eradicating polio in India)
  • Rod Curtis (UNICEF India, Communication Specialist Polio Eradication Unit)
  • Fatima Riaz (NUST Bioreach Society founder & young Pakistani polio campaigner)
  • Ksenia Solo (Canadian actress, celebrity and producer of future polio story movie)
  • Janice Nichols (polio survivor and author of Twin Voices)
  • Audrey King (March of Dimes Canada, polio survivor and post-polio ambassador)

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