Slices of Life

In the car with Ashar as we spent a lot of time in the car – not always moving (traffic jams) but always swapping life!

I am sure there can’t be this much inspiration, interaction and appreciation as this for everyone on a daily basis? How or why this happens to me I don’t know but I will never take it for granted or create these opportunities to continue as much as possible… 

This is an email from Ashar in Karachi who I first met in Canada in the summer where he was promoting Pakistan culture and way of life with a group on a Rotary exchange program.

Ashar and the other members of the Group Study Exchange at a Rotary Club in Ottawa where we first met

I have kept in touch with Ashar and he set up a number of opportunities for me to present in Karachi as well as be my (self appointed) chaperone and wonderful insight into Karachi kulchar (culture). On top of this Ashar is an engineer, works full-time and has incredible commitments and responsibilities to his family.

My point in sharing his email is for others to see what happens when two culture collide as I have been fortunate enough to do continuously for the past 11 years.

Ignore the flattery, its very warming but personal and we all do what we do, but in particular see what happens when we get to spend time with others and share our slices of lives from different backgrounds… And not to diminish this experience, it is not unique. I get to have these exchanges often and they are all wonderful with long lasting effects.

Hi and Assallam-o-Aliekum,

Through this email I want to thank for all the hardwork you and your associates at The End of Polio are putting in for wiping out polio from the world. As soon as you told me about the plans to come to Pakistan, I made my mind to work with you in whatever capacity because I wanted to make sure that I am playing my role in the cause and also to cast a better impression of my country. 

I find you very different from a common person belonging to a developed country (may be that’s why you live mostly out if it!). It’s hard to imagine how difficult it is to go against the current, when all waves are going towards consumerism, you are moving for simplicity. To amaze me more is your friendly attitude and ability to understand other’s circumstances. (me – sorry filled him with simplistic propaganda as well… 😉

I still remember Friday the 2nd November, when I saw you yawning at 8am in the morning while on the way to ComNet workshop, then you conducted the workshop, then I noticed you posting blogs during the afternoon, then you delivered an energetic presentation to Rotaract club of IoBM in the evening, then we had a tiring journey back to Greenwich, then you moderated the polio google hangout until 11.30pm and finally you must have went to your place and then had a chance to sleep – only 16 hours after you were feeling sleepy!! I am sure this superman energy can only come out of extreme passion you have for the cause of poverty and polio eradication, you deserve a salute dude! All your actions not only make a direct impact but create an inspiration for others in interface with you and will certainly lead towards the dream of ending poverty. (me – so true, I have no idea what tired is as passion and fun always persists)

The photo message, The End of Polio T-shirt and picture book were a big surprize for me, but the most precious gift from you was experience sharing from all your adventures around the world. I am now more informed and optimistic then I was before meeting you about the ability of mankind to live in peace with each other. Obviously I cannot offer you anything similar as I am really living below the line in terms of experiences!  (which is not good!) (me – this I don’t agree with as we all have our experiences – big small important mudane etc but they are not better or worse just different + I have the freedom and opportunity to do this without responsibility, accountability and through pure selfishness)

Thanks again for everything and see you tomorrow (me – where Ashar insisted on taking half a day off work to drive me to the airport miles out of his way!).


I watched the Polio Eradication Google Hangout recording and I must say it was incredible. Not only did it provided plenty of information, I was able to witness the enthusiasm of people for the cause. And also seeing technology in action – 9 people sitting in different parts of the world doing video conference simultaneously over internet, WoW

And you can see it at this link if you missed it! or if you can’t view in YouTube due to restrictions you can download here:

Hope that wasn’t too self indulgent but a little snapshot on just one of many people I am so lucky to share experiences with…

The Mausoleum Asher & I visited, fortunately the day before the bombing, but a beaut experience seeing everyday Karachites hanging out on a Sunday!

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