Same presentation always different experience


Interactive students thinking talking and acting to see a better world for all! Beautiful to be a part of it.

Presenting about extreme poverty in a country that actually has extreme poverty is always a bit of a weird one but I have to say the presentation is usually just as affective as it is in the developed world.

I was very fortunate to present to around 80 students at Greenwich University in the Defence area of Karachi. Greenwich is a private university owned and run by local people but it certainly caters for the demographic of the area which is to the more privilege people of Karachi.

A wonderful introduction and great support from Rotary in so many ways but this one especially with a Rotaract Club that students can contribute together to create big change!

I gave the Global Poverty Project 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation as I have done now more than 200 times but only for the third time in Pakistan. My audience was just as responsive and engaged as I have lucky to have across the world.

One of the interesting aspects was asking the similar questions as I do such as: How do we get extreme poverty down to zero?, What are the barriers for ending extreme poverty?, etc. The responses seemed to be here more around economics, trade natural resources and a more productive government. There is a sense of hope but grounded in a lot of reality that surrounds them.

Story-telling and giving a personal reference to poverty and why it matters to be and who I always want to learn more and take more action to see an end to extreme poverty.

Introducing to them Hans Rosling, Gapminder and Ted Talks. Nice I assumed the Hans pose while introducing him.

Talking about good aid and bad aid. When we give whiteboards we need to make sure schools have access to whiteboard markers!

By the end of the presentation and from the questions and camaraderie that ensued, it seems the presentation hit the mark and did as it usually does with sowing a seed or creating resolve for action to be an active part of the movement to see an end to extreme poverty.

The interactive Q&A session throughout the presentation, not sure why they are looking so scared as my questions were simple – how do we end extreme poverty? etc…

One of my favourite parts of any presentation the Q&A session where anyone can ask anything on extreme poverty. The questions from the Greenwich students and teachers were great and very different to other questions from other countries – very interesting to see what is the biggest topic or issue for the people in this place.

A big thank you to Greenwich University, inspirational teachers Tahira and Lubna, the Rotaract Club members and the students of Greenwich University! My week in and out of this university was amazing with wonderful hospitality, care and support in my work and organising all sorts of things – best spicy chic-pea salad in cafeteria as well!

Rotaract people, Mrs Tahira who made the presentation possible and Mrs Lubna another of the English teachers at the university

A few of the guys with the photo petition poster that we hope they have added their support to for Pakistan to become polio free!

I think the outcomes will be long lasting as I’m sure we doubled or tripled the membership of the Rotaract Club and I will keep in touch with the university for future engagement and sharing of information and inspiration!

A great performance from the Rotaract President and his polio song – an awesome way to cap off the presentation and questions

Two guys who really lead the way for others and are gaining more support. Great to see these kinds of people at every presentation and the people who join them to make a difference

The photos that come after presentations in foreign countries to show they have had a photo with a live real one (foreigner) actually a lot of these women have studied in UK and elsewhere…

Showing the support of Canadians and the Purple Pinkie photo and message poster to the Pakistani audience was very powerful. To know that people from the outside care, acknowledge and appreciate them in Pakistan was a wonderful thing.




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  1. kids1407 says:

    Exciting report. I will be spreading the word about your good and important work through our network.

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