When in Pakistan…

You know you are in Pakistan when…


  • The formality and politeness would make the queen blush – this could have something to do with being Australian and very informal!
  • Telephone infrastructure is better than the west as it is made affordable to the poor
  • The best cricketers you’ve ever seen play with a rock and stick – amazing
  • A packet of the finest cumin seed biscuits costs 15 rupee (15c) or if you were to go decedent a Magnum ice cream is 80 rupee (80c) still too tight to buy one though when you could purchase almost 6 packets of cumin seed biscuits!
  • Now is tomorrow, tomorrow is next week and next week is Insh’Allah (god’s will)!
  • People are either trying to rip you off or, more likely, not charge you anything!
    • Rarely ripped off but have people stop and drive me places or even buy my groceries while I am at the shop counter!
  • At a certain point after the formal pleasantries are done, men will jump into conversation that entails ‘How many women you been sexy with…?’ or similar!
  • People always seem to laugh at my last name – Lunn and I finally found out it means penis – had to find a language eventually that can mock me!
  • Traffic = chaos, lines on the road are paint and slightly organised chaos prevails and where a pot hole in the road is like to be an open manhole in the road or just the road
  • You get a 5.30am wake up call everyday from the nearby Mosques and the lovely call to prayer – even more lovely going back to sleep after ignoring them (I’m not a very devout Muslim, nor am I really Muslim, but I like the call to prayer!)

NUST cricket eventThis is a beautiful country with beautiful people, beautiful culture, beautiful religion and beautiful way of life. The contrasts and comparisons are beautifully vast and different not only to my white-Australian upbringing but also within the country itself.

This is not a country that is without it’s problems but the vast majority are peaceful happy people proud of their culture and country but suffering due to a few and it’s image portrayed outside.

If nothing in this country that I have been a part of including many presentations, workshops and meetings I think the best thing I can be for this country is it’s fan and tell it as it is – even in my typical positive optimistic way and encourage others to take this version of this country as a bigger piece of perception pie than the sensationalist report we hear of one nutter being a moron to their own people.

I know I am in Pakistan when – I live, learn and relish the people and environment around me to be a richer, happier and more experienced global citizen.

NUST workshop group shot

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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