The World is my Classroom

I’m a teacher. I’m a proud teacher. I love telling people I am a teacher. And when I am in developed countries, like Australia, most people say ‘but your not a teacher now’ when they learn that I don’t teach in one school, to one class,

Well actually I am a teacher now, I just teach in different ways and places than the normal mainstream teacher in a classroom of 28 students Monday to Friday (and beyond that as I know all ‘normal’ teachers do more than this!).

A very keen bunch of learners in Ethiopia where I learn more than I can ever teach them!

A very keen bunch of learners in Ethiopia where I learn more than I can ever teach them!

I finished my teaching degree in 2000 which provided me a passport of freedom, opportunity and learning which has taken me to almost 60 countries in the past 13 years. Along this journey I have always taught, learnt and shared.

In just the last year as a part of being a teacher I have been lucky to:

  • Present to more than 5000 people on the topics and issues of social justice and for the end of extreme poverty with the Global Poverty Project LBL bike trip Canada 2012
  • Ride 1000 miles while living on less than $1.50 / day for 5 weeks as a part of the Live Below the Line campaign in the US and Canada – blog here
  • Work on The End of Polio campaign in Australia, Canada, Pakistan, India, Aotearoa New Zealand and more meeting with Governments, decision makers and a great cross-section of grassroots public for the global eradication of polio
  • Help organise a 50,000-person Global Citizen Festival in New York
  • Build a 10m2 Happy, simply home that is self-sufficient, sustainable and follows the ideology of simplicity and happiness

And I hate to sound like a conceited self-important big-head but this year is typical (while being random, unplanned and untypical) of years gone past.

I am still believe I’m a teacher.

My classroom is anywhere / everywhere, my working hours are anytime / all the time, I teach, learn and share anything / everything and my students are anyone / everyone.

The most remote classroom I have ever seen

The most remote classroom I have ever seen

I really have no idea when I am working and when I’m not but all the time I am experiencing, learning, sharing and teaching.

It has been an absolute privilege to be involved in education in so many ways and scenarios and I have total admiration for teachers who teach day to day in the classroom. To me there is not the right or wrong way to teach – just different. I have chosen to teach in my way and very lucky to maintain the lifestyle that is required to be this kind of teacher.

100_0116cOne major insight I must share with you in my position of seeing thousands of young people in many different forms, is an overwhelming feeling of positivity and awe at how wonderful and bright the world is – we are more engaged and active for equality than ever before.

School in the highlands of Guatemala

School in the highlands of Guatemala

In the end I believe all teachers and society are working towards a more socially just and aware world that has passionate, active and inspirational people who are truly global citizens changing the world for the better.

Yr9s listening hardThank you to all the teachers and global citizens out there as we aim to see a poverty-free world for everyone, everywhere and forever!


PS. A blog I keep from time to time is called the Normal Life in the Life of Lunny and the reason I keep this blog (sporadically) is not to self-promote or show the world how cool I am (which I know I’m not!) but it does seems to be a good source of information and inspiration to others who can see the unconventional ways of a teacher and how I am privileged to be a teacher in my own right – without the salary or official surroundings but with the flexibility and informality that suits me perfectly.

A couple of pics from the past 13 years of teaching…

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4 Responses to The World is my Classroom

  1. I teared reading this. You’re a man with a huge heart, thanks for making the world a better place for these kids. I’m an educator myself and this December will be travelling to India. I hope to volunteer at places. Once again, thank you for all that you’ve done. I’m sure these kids love you 😉

    • lunny06 says:

      Lela, thank you for your lovely comment. Sometimes some of us are very privileged to be abale to dictate the way we want to live our lives and I am certainly one of those. The experiences and learning is absolutely amazing and just sharing a few of them with others is as much as I can hope for – I am just the messenger and it those who inform and inspire me (my beautiful diverse students from all walks of life) are the ones to be thanking for what they do…

      • Ahh wise words from the wise man himself! True, these kids teach us more than what we teach them, In the words of Angela Schwindt – “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” Have a good day!

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