34 to 35 – Thoughts under an old gumtree

bus stop shelter quebecThis time last year I was sitting in a tiny bus stop shelter as a spectacular thunder and lighting storm came through Quebec City. As I walked back to my host’s place I happen to stumble across a posh hotel that seemed warm, dry and a good spot to write a birthday journal entry. I had been trying to contact a Rotary Club to give a presentation for about a week before then. As I sat there writing away I noticed a few people with Rotary badges and asked if they

Rotary Club of Quebecknew where the Rotary Club of Quebec City met – ‘yes’ the bloke said and that their meeting was at that hotel, that they were starting in 10 minutes, I would be welcome to come along and I could give a short presentation! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!


I have to say that my serendipitous fortunes continued each day for my 34th year where I really got to learn about advocacy, campaigning, public and political engagement and moving my skills forward a lot to represent and advocate on behalf of the world’s poor.


As always, this year I have been incredibly privileged and fortunate to…

  • Meet so many new and amazing people (on top of the already amazing 000’s I know and interact with)
  • Visit, interact and learn from the countries and cultures of Canada, USA, Germany, Italy Qatar, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Aotearoa New Zealand and my home land of Australia
  • Be involved in some remarkable events such as the United Nations General Assembly, the Global Citizen Festival, Rotary meetings, schools presentations, Parliamentary meetings and just wonderfully rich conversations
  • Happy, simply homeBring together people to work on a community project which produced a wonderful home that is simplistic, sustainable and shared with all – http://happysimply.wordpress.com/
  • TalieTo be in the position to give one of the greatest gifts I can imagine and that was to be a donor for my friend who was adopted herself and so desperately wanted a child of her own and to now have a beautiful healthy donor baby – Taliesin!

The world continues to get brighter every year I am blessed to be a part of it. I am so lucky how often I get to see the best of humanity. Even those who have nothing teach me more about life than any formal education ever could.

As I sit under a gorgeous big Australian gumtree in my mother’s hometown of Willunga I am brimming with enthusiasm, energy (although just finished running up the summit of the hill here), invigoration, resolve and to be as spongy as possible to learn more. All this  to become more effective at increasing the number and effectiveness of people working towards seeing an end to extreme poverty and ensuring justice, equality and fun for all!Willunga gumtree

This year I hope I get to see as many people from my past 34 years as possible and looking forward to the new ones I will meet, share, co-inspire and learn from in my 35th year.

Thumbs up to 35!

Thumbs up to 35!




If you want to see a bit of a recap on the past 34 birthdays you can see my previous self indulgent blog on the places and what I was doing on this day… https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/birthday-count-up/

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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