Simply but not always happy

Sorry my blogs are kind of mashing together between travel stories / simplicity / social justice and riding a bike. I am in Uganda for the next 6 months and hope to be writing a lot on my learning experiences and often encapsulating simplicity. Anything I post on my Happy, simply blog I will repost here and at this blog I will have extra blogs on my travels, not related to simplicity – simple eh!?

Happy Simply – a sustainable lifestyle model & education project

Mgebale (greetings) from Kampala, Uganda!

regular small street Kampala

I just arrived a week ago back in Africa for the first time since volunteering here in Ethiopia for a year in 2008. I am here for the next 6 months working on the UNICEF / WHO / CDC Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program as a communications volunteer.

de-worming medicationAnyway being back in my roots in Africa, yes from a few billion years ago but also into my deep understanding and appreciation of simplicity and self-sufficiency. Being back here is such a strong reminder of how little people need to exist.

I always struggle with honouring simplicity in developing countries because it is unfair for me to do so when I get to walk away from it when I choose or need but it really is the source of my learning and inspiration to learn to live more with less needs and wants. I am…

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