18 July – A Day of Remembering, Reflection and Resolve

Today seems like a little more special than others. The crossroads have Nelson Mandela’s birthday (and UN day to celebrate Nelson Mandela), me doing a day of Ramadan (nothing to pass my lips during sunlight hours) and the third anniversary of my dad’s passing.

As I do on this day for the past three years I get up for sunrise and take time to stop, think, remember and feel warm fuzzies about my dad. My ability to do thinking and stopping part was a bit difficult this morning at the spot I had picked out last week. A great sunrise spot – secluded, open and a great view over the city in the distance and surrounding hills. The only drama with the execution this morning was that the sun was well hidden behind a thick band of cloud and pollution and there were two angry dogs that gave away my cover disturbing all the nearby houses and me of course. There is an added worry that many of these houses have their own security guards that usually come fully equipped with either machine gun, semi-automatic, shot gun or shorn-off gun of some variety…

stifled sunrise

I left my ‘haven’ quickly and settled on a spot – dusty, no view, not very private and authentically Ugandan (ie. nowhere to run or hide!). After all this I did get a chance to walk and have a think.

dad and I circa 1981If anyone saw my recent blog about me plotting my own funeral and eulogy then you will know the anniversary of my dad’s passing is a celebration. It is a great chance to think back of all the good times and great qualities of dad and also the things that only dads can do like drive 4 hours every Saturday to watch a game of football for 6 months of the year each year for 4 years!

On my walk looking up to the scattered cloud I let my imagination go up into them and think of my life to date, the one I might create and the effort I need to make it all come true – luckily I get to make my dreams come true everyday but it nice to have the opportunity to do it with significant events on a day filled with great role-models and aspirations to social justice like – my dad, Nelson Mandela and the act of Ramadan.

Another slightly naff sunset through the thick pollution and dust but it did mean I could break my fast!

A slightly naff sunset through the thick pollution and dust but it did mean I could break my fast!

Hope your Nelson Mandela Day / Ramadan was a good one too and your resolves are as strong as Nelson Mandela, Ramadan-hunger-inspired or others around you that give you fuel for them…

A few other sources of resolve that happened on my 18th of July…

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2 Responses to 18 July – A Day of Remembering, Reflection and Resolve

  1. kids1407 says:

    I continue to be amazed at the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself. Thanks for sharing as you are one of those rare people who is making a difference in this world.

  2. lunny06 says:

    Thanks Larry and greatly appreciated from another wonderful source of inspiration and resolve! As I am sure you and Mandela would agree with me that there is nothing more satisfying and enriching than giving (when the truth is we always get more than we can ever give). Big thanks and a special 18 July to you for yesterday!

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