No better way (for me) to live in Uganda


The home I live in is with a mother, father, daughter, often son, three cousins, a house maid, an aunt and often an extra sibling or relative or two!

My room is off in a slightly separate quarters shared with the young aunt. When I first arrived I was sharing in the same room as the young aunt – thinking it was common in Africa to share a room with others as the other family members do but I am pretty sure they wanted sparks to fly and for there to be a half Australian / half Ugandan souvenir of my visit. I think my hunches mainly came about from the young aunt asking me for a baby on day 2…

Anyway now that I am in the ‘spare room’ (yes there was a spare room next door to the aunt’s room) I am living in exactly my kind of luxury and ultimate overseas living experience. I get to have simple room with a power point, small stand, bed with net and a wee spot to keep my backpack. I then have access to a shared bathroom with cold water shower, western toilet (my only necessary luxury) and a spot to put my bicycle indoors – what more could I want in the world…

100_0472I certainly know that if I stayed in the ex-pat part of town in a hotel I would not get much I want in the world.

Whereas there is plenty more I get living in Makindye, Kanisa Zone with my Ugandan family!100_0195

  • I get to integrate into a Ugandan family, learn from them, share with them, exchange cultures, be an active part of a living, typical, normal Ugandan family.

100_0090I couldn’t imagine a better living situation possible.

  • 100_0471I eat Ugandan food, I speak Luganda as much as possible, I experience their thinking, philosophies and perspectives on life, I get to hear history first-hand, I have a source of knowledge to ask them anything about their country and how they feel about it and I get to not on see but live the Ugandan way of life.

I am already half way through my time here and I know the only negative in all this is to come, which is leaving but at the same time I get to have a significant stamp in my life, experiences and memory (and maybe theirs) of being a Ugandan for 6 months.

Mwebale nyo (thank you so much) to my beautiful, generous and loving Ugandan family – Mr Kabugo, Florence, Sentongo, Carol, Diana, Nalu, Seka, Kawese, Nulu (the young aunt) and many others who pass through the household.

PS. I haven’t even talk about Makindye the burb of Kampala where I live… maybe next episode.

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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2 Responses to No better way (for me) to live in Uganda

  1. kids1407 says:

    I think I smell a book in the making. Certainly a quaint “getting to know you” ritual.

  2. lunny06 says:

    Not with my spelling and grammar…! I like to present my experiences in person and interactively so I too can learn from the audience. I am sure there will be a technology that allows us to do this in book format in the next near future…!

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