2014 New Year’s Resolutions and Message

Hiya Super Wonderful Beautiful Folks who I am fortunate to know or have met at least once!!!

Visiting Nelson in Pretoria to inspire me for 2014...

Visiting Nelson in Pretoria to inspire me for 2014…

Why? Why do I get to live such a privileged life…? I don’t know but I do know it was my 14th year of living my dreams and passions with no signs of stopping.

I hope you have had a year of experiences – good, bad, real and otherwise and a happy Christmas and a very merry New Year!

In summary from 2013:

  • I have built a home (a little one in Aotearoa New Zealand),
  • had a child (sort of, as a donor) and
  • been fortunate to experience 8 countries this year with 3 new ones in there now taking the total to 61 countries I’ve been blessed to experience

Then in the first three months of 2014 I will be in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Australia… and then who knows – certainly not me!

However do keep an eye on a little concept (Polio Points – see attached) I hope to grow somehow, somewhere and somewhen – I don’t think that is a word but it is now in 2014!

See below, if you care, for another bizarre, fun and sure to fail list of New Year resolutions, how I rated on my previous year of resolutions and a summary of 2013 for me.

The resolutions for 2014…

  • Sit still and listen to a 30 minute podcast or similar once a month, lets say on the 29th of the month – either with sunrise or at a stage throughout the day
  • Write postcards no matter where I am to my donor child in Australia and to my best friend’s children in Germany and Tasmania on the 15th of the month – as I did in 2013
  • I WILL do 10 push-ups everyday at some stage between 5-6pm
  • Having seen two decent monkeys as clouds in the sky in the past two years I will aim to see an elephant this year
  • I will do Buy Nothing New Month again this year in October – make sure you do too, it’s a beauty
  • Appreciate the colour aqua as it used to be a favourite but gone off it a little these days…
  • Going savoury this year and will make chapatti on the 15th of each month in honour of wonderful chapatti eating in Uganda for the past 6 months
  • I will try and meet someone from Botswana as I will miss going there on this trip
  • I will learn off by heart the countries starting with J (3), K (8) and L (9)
  • Each week I will learn a word in German so at least I have 52 more words to use when I am there next – suggestions for my vocab list welcome! (Tom lots of immature words please)
  • Six weeks of living just above the line ($3 a day) and then the official week of Live Below the Line ($2 a day) to see and feel the difference a dollar can make in the world…

On top of this I will be doing my continued best to see a world with more equality and happiness through promotion on Happy, simply living and global awareness and role-modelling with Global Poverty Project, Polio Points and who knows what else…?

The results of my resolutions from 2012…

29th of the month will continue to be sunrise morning Absolutely such a nice thing to do with no regrets & morning joy
My eyes will be in the skies for another monkey shaped cloud to try and better the one from this year Yep, pretty good and playing chess as well (see pic)
Sugar-free for the first 6 months of 2013 (fruit ok) but broke this at 12.10am Jan 1 when I had a tequila Margarita with a tablespoon of sugar in it! Every time I eat sugar it will be an extra week at the end Fail. Although my sweet tooth has diminished a lot in my time in Uganda
Learn the countries starting with G (11 of them) Done. Learnt and memorised
Garden as much as possible – see how much I can sustain my stomach with my hands Fail, don’t think I even touched soil for the year
Take time to smell the roses and smell roses, thanking those who grow them! Not enough will try again
Brush my teeth with both left and right hands and encourage myself to be more ambidextrous Did it every time but in the end was just annoying
1st to 3rd of the month colour in a colouring in picture – I think we need to make time to colour in! Fail. Not once as I don’t sit for anything especially colouring in
15th of the month I will be making biscuits (sugar free first 6 months!) Did first 4 months then none
Always the hope of a 5km swim, 500km bike ride and/or 50km run throughout the year… 500km bike ride – yes in Rwanda with 500 hills
Appreciate the colour orange and put it in the favourite when and where possible! Certainly and enjoyed orange a lot – thanks orange!
Favourite vegetable of 2013 Dodo – Ugandan green – yum
Look through the eyes of simplicity, happiness and fulfilment and live with so much integrity, grace and conviction to new levels in 2013… Pretty much and certainly when looking through the lens of Africa!

Highlights of 2013:

  • January/Feb/March → seems so long ago I am forgetting in my old age… but back in my favourite country in the world – Aotearoa New Zealand
    • Spent time in Auckland and then down to Wellington to work on polio eradication advocacy with the Kiwi’s and govt.
    • Built a self-sufficient, simplistic and sustainable 10m2 Happy, simply home with a great group of 14 volunteers in Paekakariki http://happysimply.wordpress.com
  • April / May → back in Australia and Adelaide for a decent while for the first time in a while
    • My sperm produced a baby (not me) – Taliesin, my donor baby for my friend, and spent some time with him in his first month of life
    • A bunch of Global Poverty Project presentations in Adelaide, Melbourne and the Eyre Peninsula
  • June → headed to Atlanta for Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program training – my first time to sit and listen for a long time and hating it in the road jungle of Atlanta
    • Made a brief visit to Brunei to engage with International School Brunei and the Polio Points program – such an amazing, simple and effective idea that I hope to grow in 2014
  • Jul – Dec → working as a communications specialist with UNICEF in Uganda on the Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program with a week in Rwanda on a bike!
    • So happy to be back in Africa for the first time in 5 years and as always too much to learn from Africa… Lived with a beautiful local family and spent great times in the field in the countryside with communities
    • For the last week of December I’ve been on a bicycle riding around the land of 1000 hills!

Scroll back through the blog of me complaining about consumerism, loving simplicity and finding my way into positions that are far more physically enduring or bizarre than needs be…

https://lunny06.wordpress.com/ and http://happysimply.wordpress.com

Love to all of you and you of all to love!

d’Arcy. xx

PS. At this stage I know will be in Adelaide 14-19 March, Melbourne 23-30 March and Paekakariki as much as possible after that – but who knows!!!

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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6 Responses to 2014 New Year’s Resolutions and Message

  1. Erwin says:

    Simply brilliant!!!

    Ps German: Speiserest…

    • lunny06 says:

      Is that the word for the middle aged guy who cleans his car on Saturday, eats meat and veg each night and has a labelling machine…? I know the word Speiser to describe this kind of person but not sure what Speiserest means… translation?

  2. Hats off. You are quite a person!

  3. Rochelle says:

    I don’t speak German, but I’ve come across and love the word “sehnsucht”… I think you would as well being a super world traveller 🙂 Aqua is a great colour – one of my favourites – especially the shade coming from blue waters meeting yellow sandy shores. Happy 2014!

    • lunny06 says:

      Nice one I like that word as well as there is a Japanese equivalent – natsukashi but not a good English version.

      One thing I do wish is that I chose a phonetic language to learn – how the hell do I pronounce sehnsucht!

      Cheers, d’Arcy.

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