Painful Purchases and Grateful Gifts – Part 2 Grateful Gifts

🙂  Part Two – Grateful Gifts  🙂

To counteract Painful Purchases and if we feel the need to reward ourselves or have the pleasure in giving to others, we can do it with benefits to everyone involved, especially the earth, with grateful gifts.

The best give I can give, myself

The best give I can give, myself

I’m sure there are loads of similar ideas like this out there but I didn’t have access to them while hiking in the mountains and forests in South Africa so these are the ideas and examples that I came up with…

I think the best grateful gift you can give anyone is yourself. This can be in service, companionship, knowledge, experience or expertise.

This model kind of follows the idea of time banking, sharing, volunteering, community service, etc but I think it can also be just a little more personal. A gift should recognise thought and caring about someone else. One of the nicest possible gifts is to give selflessly to another instead of showing appreciation or thanks with a thing!

I plan to use Grateful Gifts with a few guidelines attached:

  • A Grateful Gift are hours of yourself you are giving to someone else
  • It can include up to $20 per hour that you can spend on or with that person
  • Nothing material is to be accumulated at the end of the gift unless it was made for them
  • The gift can be anything from 1 to 5 hours you are giving them  and max $100
  • The hours can be split up into hour blocks and used over time but can’t be split into tiny bits of time
  • The time is to be extra on top of time you would be spending with that person anyway
  • The choice of what to do is that of the person receiving, within reason and consent 🙂 but it is a gift where they get to do something they really want or need
  • You can’t combine service delivery and money together – for example clean the person’s room and buy them an ice cream while they watch
  • The value of $20 per hour must be the total cost and if that involves both the receiver and giver – for example cooking a meal maybe to be shared by both you and the receiver
  • As much of the time as possible should be doing something together – not always just 5 hours of doing something for them without them

I know in my own thought process I immediately thought of how I would have people do jobs for me and stuff I don’t like to do – like back up my hard drive, service my bike, etc but after a little while of thinking it changed to stuff I can get that person to do with me exclusively like have a creative planning discussion to get feedback on ideas I am hatching, to ride a bike with me, etc.

In the short time I spent dedicated thinking about this I came up with a list of possible examples of how to use the Grateful Gifts. I hope people will add to this and I know I would either love giving this gift or receiving it – it is kind of like turning someone into a genie for 5 one-hour wishes that you will both cherish, probably far more than a ‘thing’.

In my life where experiences are the richest thing I own I think Grateful Gifts would be a dream gift to receive from anyone!

Examples below of Grateful Gifts (either in hour blocks or all 5 hours at once). I would love to see this list explode so please add away…!

  • Clean their room, toilet, car, dishes, bike, house, dog, etc…
  • Take them on a picnic with a packed meal you have prepared
  • Take them out to the pub with $100 on the bar (for you both) for 5 hours!
  • Offer to drive them home after a night out – number of times depends on cost of petrol
  • Go on a bike ride or walk (be sure to visit a bakery somewhere in there as well)
  • Do some gardening for / with them and pay for the new plants, vegetables, tree, flowers that is being planted
  • Go to the movies together
  • Take them out to dinner
  • Make some kind of craft together
  • Cook for or with them
  • Take them and do charity work together – volunteering, cooking, cleaning, fundraising, writing, etc
  • Go and see some live music, performance, sport, etc
  • Visit together the zoo, art gallery, museum, amusement park, etc
  • Take them for a drive
  • Give them lessons on something they want to know, do, practice – either with you or a professional (if under $20/hour)
  • Write and perform a letter, poem, prose, ballad, blog, video, etc for them
  • Teach them something they might not know but you do
  • Share with them your knowledge or expertise on something they want to know more about
  • Call them at a date and time of their choice
  • Help them with jobs that need doing – tax, decision making, preparing for an event, etc
  • Service or repair things that they just don’t have time to do (if you can do them – they should know if you can)
  • Computer service – back ups, disk cleaning, uploading, etc
  • Gather nice comments and thoughts on them from others
  • Be their work helper – nice way to see what they do and their colleagues
  • Help organise their photos or put together an album for them
  • Tour guide them somewhere you know really well
  • Take them stargazing and hope to see a shooting star
  • Paint, draw, sculpture for / with them – do a commissioned art piece for them (as best you can and they should know what to expect)
  • Spend time with someone they want you to spend time with – sick relative, lonely friend, their children
  • Take on a challenge from them they would like to see (again within reason)
  • Just spend time together talking, listening and sharing
  • Please add more and more…!

We do these things pretty naturally and often but I think it nice to add it as a specific gift you are giving them and spending with them and giving them the full rights and choices of that time!

Happy Grateful Giving!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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6 Responses to Painful Purchases and Grateful Gifts – Part 2 Grateful Gifts

  1. lunny06 says:

    Reblogged this on Happy Simply – lifestyle model & education project and commented:

    Part 2 – Grateful Gifts the better option than Painful Purchases…

  2. Lois Field says:

    One gift I give to my adult children is to babysit the children so they can have some time alone or to go out to a movie. I get to have the pleasure of time with my grandchildren and parents need a bit of time alone. My one son had to move away from our area for work, when I visit I stay for a few days and send them out for a couple of hours being that they don’t have people they can ask to babysit.

  3. Jane Mac says:

    Take them to a local live music venue to watch a free gig!

    • lunny06 says:

      Nice one – supporting artists of any genre is always good for them, us and the community! The more art and artists the more enriched the world is for sure!

      Great suggestion, thanks!


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