Happy International Women’s Day to ALL my Sisters

Today is my big sister’s (Lulu) birthday. As I sat down and wrote to her on how wonderful, amazing and powerful she is and celebrating her on her birthday it really resonated with me the incredible role all women play on the planet.

So on my sister’s birthday and a day after International Women’s Day I would like to send all women a message of thanks and celebration for the unique and selfless attributes women have and give to the world…

My two wonderful sisters - Lulu on the left and Jodie on the right

My two wonderful sisters – Lulu on the left and Jodie on the right

To all my dearest sisters on the planet,

Hope you have a lovely International Women’s Day where people celebrate you for the amazing and wonderful human beings you are.

You have always shone the light for me on the potential of what people can do if they put in the needed energy, time, passion and determination into something.

I hope you know you are absolutely remarkable. You show me what inspirational people you are and remind me of the many women I constantly meet from around the world, especially those living in extreme poverty, who face challenges everyday but overcome them, not only with selflessness and smile on their face, but also with a clear agenda to help others and not even be aware of the possible consequences for themselves and on your own lives.

I love giving to others but I aim to give in the way you do, where it has no boundaries and doesn’t need reason or where my own concerns are not even in the equation and oblivious to what impact it will have on me – for the good or the bad.

My dear sisters you are the most important and impacting people in the world and I say this from 14 years and 64 countries of experience. I draw strength, learning, resilience and resolve from the women of the world and you always set the high bar on how much better I can aim to be.

I think so many of you are the epitome and example of why the world needs to celebrate women and how the world benefits from you all!

Please know you think about others and give yourself to others in a very different and powerful way that men don’t – thank you. I am so lucky to have such incredible role models to look up to, try to emulate and aspire to as much as possible.

So on this day, International Women’s Day, it is a day I certainly get to think and celebrate you as sisters but I also speak on behalf of a lot of the world and thank you for your output into the world as it certainly benefits from you in endless ways.

My beautiful, selfless, giving, strong, powerhouse-of-good sisters have a wonderful International Women’s Day as you deserve thanks from the world and we should all celebrate who you are what you do.

With a joyful tear of how happy I am to have you as sisters I send you lots of love and a big warm (and sweaty of course) hug from the jungles of Malaysia and Brunei in Borneo.


Ya lil brother. xx

PS. Brothers this does not mean that we are useless, its just a reminder we have a lot to learn, and be thankful of, from our sisters and it would be good for us to acknowledge this and see all women empowered and treated equally…

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