Privileged and Passionate in my 35th year – What about this year…?

Wow, year no. 35 was another in the line up awesome years that seems to be trend over the past 14 years…

Do I feel guilt – yes, selfish – yes, privileged – hell yes and I believe I owe the world because I am privileged but I don’t see that as a burden I see it as a passion and a joy.

Sunset, beer & happy reflections

Sunset, beer & happy reflections

In the past 14 years I have been allowed to live my passions – daily and my 35th year was no different. I travelled, learnt, shared and experiences 11 different countries in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand; I’ve influenced and been inspired by another year of beautiful people, cultures and communities – some known and some new; I’ve been able to contribute to meaningful work that sees better health and education for others and I’ve been able to interact and connect with nature on many different levels.

I do what I do because I love it. I love shooting for giving maximum effective help to the world and I strive to do minimal harm in the world and can’t think of a better pursuit in life.

I am always at the receiving end of incredible hospitality, kindness and generosity and I can only attempt to pay even just a little bit of that forward.

Looking towards my 36th I have things mapped out pretty well for next set of 365.

  • In June I will finish building a second Happy, simply self-sufficient home with a community of volunteers in South Australia
  • July – who knows but hopefully some time in Asia – Thailand and China working on youth leadership and active global citizenship
  • Aug – prepare for a walk in Japan
  • I FULLY DECLARE NOW in Sept/Oct I will be walking 1500km in Japan from Nanporo (Hokkaido) to Nagoya – where I have lived in both places and the walk will be called Teaspoons of Change – personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet creating teaspoons of change – Facebook: Blog: Twitter: @Tspoonsofchange
  • Nov/Dec ??? but plenty on offer
  • Christmas with my family in South Australia
  • Jan-June Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program somewhere…
  • And with any luck from July next year I will be doing a Masters in Peace Studies under a scholarship program (fingers crossed…)
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As the sun sets on this beautiful evening on the first day of my 36th year I am happy, proud, privileged and passionate about the days of 35 years till now and will throw myself at the world just as willingly and energetically in this coming year. Cheers!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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