Thanks and Resolutions for 2015…

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New Year’s Resolution and Message – 2015

Dearest Wonderful Humans whom I know in the world!

A happy Christmas (if you do Christmas) and a very merry New Year (if you do calendars).

Firstly a big massive huge THANK YOU to all the support, generosity, kindness and hospitality I have received this year (and every year). I continue to live off the kindness and generosity of others to be able to do meaningful and effective work being of service to others.

2014 was ridiculous for me in doing as I desired and learn from it all. In brief:

  • I interacted with people and learn more about humanity in a new and profound way on my 1000km Teaspoons of Change walk in Japan
  • I now have a wonderful new community in South Australia where I built my second Happy, simply home
  • And I’ve been very privileged to co-inspire and learn with over 10,000 people from 120+ presentations throughout Asia and SE Asia on global citizenship

Looking at my learning and growth from this year is far more significant to me than any achievements. I have been able to continue to live an active and effective life with attention to intention and I now know less about what my job is, where I live and how I earn money -which is wonderful!!!

If you want to get a good snap shot of where this year has put me and life until today you might like to catch a podcast interview I did with a prolific podcast broadcaster in the US called Smart and Simple Matters:

I’m also now using one blog and website to combine all of the various blogs I write on various topics – and this will include blogs on my travels, polio eradication, Happy, simply home and more…

As for the stats that don’t matter this year I’ve been very lucky to:

  • Experience Rwanda, South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore (15 countries taking it to around 66 in total)
  • Built a second Happy, simply home
  • Walked 1000km and then cycled another 1500km in Japan and South Korea
  • Give 120+ presentations to over 10,000 people in 9 countries in 6 months

Stats don’t matter but it is nice to see and hear what people do in their year between their annoying yearly updates 😉

See below on how I went on my 2014 New Year Resolutions and what gems I’m looking forward to in 2015!

Have a super year and if you are in South Sudan, Europe, Asia or Australasia (sorry Americas) in 2015 I hope to see you!!! See below below to see a little more specifically on when and where I hope to be…

Cheers, d’Arcy.

New Year’s Resolutions – 2015 and review of 2014!

The resolutions that (don’t) matter for 2015…

  • Sunrise on the 29th of the month, as usual
  • Hi-5 a random stranger on Tuesdays each week
  • Find a fish-shaped cloud after relative success with an elephant
  • NO more Happy, simply homes!
  • 10 push ups a day (not specific to 5-6pm this time)
  • Sit once a week to breathe like a tree and meditate for 5-15 minutes (I’m nervous about this one…)
  • Memorise all the countries starting with M (18 of them!)
  • Learn to crack an egg with one hand
  • With my first step outside each day take a big appreciative lung full of air and say thank you for another day
  • Pop more monos (wheelies) on bicycles
  • My favourite colour for 2015 will be pink!
  • Write postcards to family and friend’s kids each month
  • Meet someone from Georgia now that I have Armenia done
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October

Continue to surround myself in good people doing good things!

The resolution results for 2014…

Sit still and listen to a 30 minute podcast or similar once a month, lets say on the 29th of the month – either with sunrise or at a stage throughout the day Epic fail, didn’t do it once but did do sunrise each month as per usual
I WILL do 10 push-ups everyday at some stage between 5-6pm Good for 9 months and some strange places for 5-6pm
Write postcards no matter where I am to my donor child in Australia and to my best friend’s children in Germany and Tasmania on the 15th of the month – as I did in 2013 Got slack second half of the year… Revisit again this yr.
Having seen two decent monkeys as clouds in the sky in the past two years I will aim to see an elephant this year Pretty good, see attached
I will do Buy Nothing New Month again this year in October – make sure you do too, it’s a beauty Did it, loved it, doin it again!
Appreciate the colour aqua as it used to be a favourite but gone off it a little these days… Tried but aqua is not my colour…
Going savoury this year and will make chapatti on the 15th of each month in honour of wonderful chapatti eating in Uganda for the past 6 months Fail as cooking not easy on the run
I will try and meet someone from Botswana as I will miss going there on this trip Nup…
I will learn off by heart the countries starting with J (3), K (8) and L (9) Yep!
Each week I will learn a word in German so at least I have 52 more words to use when I am there next – suggestions for my vocab list welcome! Fail. Got as far as schweinehund (arsehole)
My favourite vegetable for 2014 was… bread. Not a veg but it sustained me a lot throughout the year and others on the Happy, simply project! Bread for the win!
Six weeks of living just above the line ($3 a day) and then the official week of Live Below the Line ($2 a day) to see and feel the difference a dollar can make in the world… Didn’t even remember making this one till reading it again now…

On top of this I will be doing my continued best to see a world with more equality and happiness through promotion of Teaspoons of Change, Happy, simply, Polio Points, and global citizenship education and interacting with JUMP! Foundation, Global Poverty Project, Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program and more…? &

2015 by date and place (note all should be written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

  • 1 Feb – 15 Jun – South Sudan
  • 15 Jun – 15 Aug – Europe for Polio Points (UK, Ireland, Germany, other?)
  • 16 Aug – 1 Sept to Asia – Georgia, Armenia, Iran to Tajik?
  • Sept arrive Asia – Tajik, Nepal?
  • 2nd week Sept Asia – Thai, HK 3 days, Thai
  • 3rd week Sept Asia – Thai, KL
  • 4th week Sept Asia – Singapore, Brunei
  • 1-9 Oct – Australia, set up in Melb till 10 Oct
  • 12-18 Oct SA Adelaide, 19-23 Eyre Peninsula
  • 26-30 Oct QLD (Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane)
  • 2-6 Nov NSW
  • 9-13 Nov VIC
  • 16-20 Nov NT
  • 23-27 Nov TAS
  • 30 Nov-11 Dec VIC
  • ??? Paekakariki, Aotearoa New Zealand? – I hope so…!

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