Nothing Special But Always Special – 37th Year Ahead

You guys know the drill by now…

20150529_080625I’m so happy… I’m living my dreams… People are wonderful… I’m so privileged and humbled… We can end extreme poverty… Things are not the best thing in life… Simplicity of less is more…I receive so much hospitality, generosity and kindness… on and on I usually go!

Today is my 37th birthday and I have continued to ride this epic wave of living my dreams each and every day for the past 15 years. I have no idea where I will write my morning journal from on my 38th birthday and I don’t care.

20150522_140917But this time last week I had just been beaten by a group of 4-5 soldiers for unknowingly walking into the wrong street that lead to the president’s palace. I was lucky. I got away with a few scratches, a sore head and some still slow healing bruises to my ribs but I am here to write this one week later on my birthday.

As for all the things I wrote in the first paragraph about being happy etc. well here’s the thing, it’s all fucking true and continue to be true.

Before being beaten I had just thought that I have always been lucky and nothing bad has happened and it is just freakish nature that I’ve come out of 68 countries still in one piece but what my little incident told me is that even if I am unlucky and get robbed or bashed or otherwise I still have an unequal balance of wonderful people and wonderful experiences that outweigh anything bad that may have or maybe will happen to me. I have too much love for the world to let it worry me and I send those soldiers that love so they can have the opportunity to love the world as well. Life doesn’t need to be this never ending exponential growth of happiness and good times it is always going to have ups and downs but for myself personally I have learnt how to maximise the ups to new heights each year and now acknowledge but dissolve the downs.

I’m sitting up on the rooftop of the UNICEF building in Juba, South Sudan looking over a country of chaos but also deeply human. I still have to pinch myself daily and say thank you to the world. I’ve come to realised my passion and daily life is to be the best servant I can to humanity and will always find the most effective ways of doing this.20150529_080659

I personally believe it is not more noble than anyone else as I think there is no lifestyle better than another and what I gain in daily / monthly / yearly freedom of doing exactly what I want to do all the time I loose in the deep connection with a partner or raising my own children. But I don’t care because there isn’t a right way or a wrong way in life (in general) and rarely better or worse and the missed experiences I’ve had so far without having my own family I’ve gained in other experiences of living and learning across the world and meeting thousands of new people in new places. I never pretend my life is more important or significant than anyone else’s nor do have sorrow in a different life I could have or could live in a more conventional way.

The fact that I am sitting on the rooftop of UNICEF in South Sudan (where I should go down now and go to work on polio eradication and better access to health services for all), puts a wonderful smile. I didn’t ever intend to be here on my 37th birthday but I’m also not here by accident.20150529_080654

On my 36th year on this planet and in this universe I had the beautiful experiences of building my second tiny home (; a month working with a wonderful organisation JUMP! Foundation in Bangkok, walked 1000km in Japan for Teaspoons of Change, cycled 1000km in Japan and South Korea, gave over 80 presentations in SE Asia, spent a brilliant Christmas with my family in Australia, fought dengue fever and have lived in the most challenging but rewarding environment in South Sudan on the Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) program.

It is with no surprise that I look forward to my 37th year like never before and for the first time in a long time I know where I will be most days till Jan 2016. If you want to see where I will be take a look and I hope to see you in this next exciting and fulfilling year in my life: and

Love to all in peace, humility and enthusiasm!

The best breakfast there is - the rolex: chapati with fried egg rolled up and enough oil to power me for the next fortnight!

The best breakfast there is – the rolex: chapati with fried egg rolled up and enough oil to power me for the next fortnight!

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  1. lunny06 says:

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    I always use the sunrise and morning of my birthday each year to re-evaluate my Teaspoons of Change for the year past and the year coming… Looks set to be another year of finding the purest most refined Teaspoons of Change possible 🙂

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