Teaspoons of Change Global Citizen Presentation Tour: Jun – Dec 2015

TeaspoonsOfChange1_wText world bannerTeaspoons of Change for Global Citizenship – Tour: Jun – Dec 2015

South Sudan | Middle East | Europe | Central & SE Asia | Australia

Make good choices. Be a global citizen

Yr9s listening hardd’Arcy Lunn’s dreams and daily life are dedicated to see a world without extreme poverty for everyone, everywhere and forever!

For the past 15 years d’Arcy has experienced more than 65 countries, given over 400 presentations to more than 40,000 people and worked with leading aid, development and global education organisations and people.

His self-initiated project and presentation, Teaspoons of Change, focusses on the personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

In 2014 d’Arcy built a self-sufficient Happy, simply tiny home and started his Teaspoons of Change project with a 1000km walk in Japan. This year till mid-June he worked in South Sudan with UNICEF on polio eradication and in the second half of 2015 d’Arcy will combine his Teaspoons of Change presentation tour while sharing Polio Points, a school award system to promote global citizenship locally and globally, that he helped initiate.


  • Promote and support the ideas and practices of global citizenship
  • Engage, inspire and equip people with the tools to be effective global citizens
  • Network and connect with people and institutes across the globe along the way
  • Increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to create positive change


d’Arcy will be travelling from South Sudan to Australia from June to December via the Middle East, Europe, Central and SE Asia. You can empower your community with this visit by:

  • Hosting presentations, workshops and/or discussions with groups, schools, institutes, businesses, etc. on global citizenship and Teaspoons of Change
  • Utilizing d’Arcy as a creative support for key champions working on global citizenship → helping the keen ones with the challenges they are facing
  • Collecting, compiling and sharing global citizenship resources, best practices and challenges from around the world → network good people doing good things
  • Engaging in a myriad of topics, issues, expertise and experiences d’Arcy has to offer related to global citizenship → simplicity, tiny houses, social media, polio eradication

WHEN & WHERE: (Map of route & itinerary – Teaspoons of Change Route MapToCh tour map

Date Place   Date Place
Now – 16 Jun South Sudan 6 – 9 Sep Hong Kong
17, 18 Jun Dubai 10 – 16 Sep Bangkok
19 – 24 Jun Istanbul 17 – 18 Sep Singapore
25 Jun – 12 Jul Balkans / Europe 21 – 23 Sep Brunei
13 Jul – 6 Aug; 7-10 Aug London; Ireland 24 – 25 Sep Kuala Lumpur
10 – 15 Aug Berlin Oct – Dec Australia
17 Aug – 5 Sep Kyrgyz / Uzbek / Tajik Jan 2016 New Zealand


Global Citizend’Arcy works on a passion basis – he aims only to be self-sufficient and subsistent. We would appreciate a suggested donation of $300 to help cover his personal costs for transport and food plus, if possible, find a host for him to stay with (he prefers host’s than hotels). Any extra donations above d’Arcy’s costs will go towards Polio Points for the global eradication of polio.


d’Arcy graduated as a primary school Japanese teacher in Australia and has never taught primary school Japanese. Instead d’Arcy has travelled, interacted and learnt from the world.

More details about the Teaspoons of Change project and d’Arcy can be found here:

  • Teaspoons of Change – personal choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people & the planet creating teaspoons of change Facebook | Blog | Twitter
  • d’Arcy’s biography & portfolio for knowledge, experience and inspiration offered


To book an hour, half-day, day or two days of d’Arcy in your school, institute or business please get in touch with him via email on: teaspoonsofchange@gmail.com

d’Arcy is an ambassador, advocate and enthusiast with the following organisations: JUMP! Foundation, Global Poverty Project and Global Citizen, UNICEF, RESULTS, Live Below the Line and his own ventures: Teaspoons of Change, Happy, simply and Polio Points.

He will also be connecting with members of International Young Professionals Foundation

TeaspoonsOfChange1_wText world banner


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