Classrooms of the World

Recently I saw a blog on 7 amazing classrooms from around the world and went Wow! Then I added a photo of mine from a classroom I was presenting in this year in South Sudan. Then I thought about all of the different classrooms I been in around the world in the past 15 years and 80 countries with 1000’s of students…

In the past 15 years as an educator, presenter, volunteer, learner and sharer I have probably seen more classrooms of the world than few other people so diving back into my photo archives of the photos I actually have here are some classrooms from some of the world! Whilst I don’t really have any constant students of my own, I’ve been fortunate to interact, learn, share and engages with tens of thousands of students around the world. Here are just a few schools, classrooms and students from that lot!

In mosaic and slideshow:

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3 Responses to Classrooms of the World

  1. lunny06 says:

    Reblogged this on Teaspoons of Change: better for people & planet and commented:

    This was fun… A trawl back through the photo archives of 15 years and 80 countries to find as many classroom photos as I could. This is really cool, check out all the pics and learning environments 🙂

  2. lovinglyleona says:

    This is a cool post, and a simple reminder of how not to take for granted our readily available education that others covet.

    • lunny06 says:

      Thanks for the comment. I always find it hard to appreciate school if you already have it. I couldn’t wait to finish school and still don’t like teaching in a mainstream school system. I think the trick is to make education relevant, practical and entertaining with a big element of not feeling good about living in privilege but being a part of a movement that can see quality education for everyone, everywhere.

      With 57 million children still out of school we have a long way to go but that number is dropping every year… Lucky us who have easy access to education but it shouldn’t be about luck so let’s get involved and see universal education for all. Check out the Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen for more…

      Many thanks, d’Arcy.

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