2016 New Year’s Revolutions!

New Year’s Resolution and Message – 2016

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G’Day Folks – Wide, Far and In Between!

A very happy Christmas (or 25th of December) and a very merry New Year (those Gregorian calendar inclined).

I feel a little guilty to say that 2015 was yet another brilliant year for me as I know it is not always the case for others but I always feel too privileged with how lucky and significant my time and experiences feel on a daily/yearly basis.

This is a lovely opportunity for a touching point with you all to say hi, have a look at what I was up to in 2015, what I plan to do in 2016 and a bunch of ridiculous resolutions that I love to live 🙂

I’ve also come up with a few conclusions from 2015 to describe who I am, what I do, where and why I do it…

  • My job is to be a part of ending extreme poverty
  • I usually spend half my time in developing countries working on-the-ground in aid and development and the other half my time working in advocacy, campaigning and awareness-raising
  • I live wherever I need to be
  • I do what I love to do in the world to gain the richest possible experiences, learn more and be an active part of a better world
  • 2015 now takes me to 15 years of ‘nomadding’ and 80 countries with no signs of stopping soon

Continuous nomadThe world is a wonderful place and I feel very lucky to interact with it in the way I do 🙂

But my biggest point is to say a huge thank you to all as I continue to live on the hospitality, generosity and kindness of others and the world…

Big pres, Bangkok, ThailandAs for the stats that don’t matter this year I’ve been very lucky to have been, seen and done the following…

  • Been in over 20 countries including parts of the world I’ve never been before like South Sudan, the Balkans and Tajikistan
  • Seen the most desperate and challenging situation for humans I’ve ever seen before in South Sudan where I learnt a lot and saw amazingly good people doing good things
  • Done a mix of presentations, meeting politicians, events and general advocacy on the platform of Teaspoons of Change with 112 presentations to 8500 people including a 3-month stint of 108 presentations to 8000 people in SE Asia and Australia from Sept-Dec!

See below for my scorecard of 2015 New Year Resolutions and what gems I’m looking forward to in 2016! Then further below that a little breakdown of 2015 month by month and an expected breakdown of 2016 month by month…

Have a super 2016 and if you are in Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, the Middle East, Europe, Japan and beyond in 2016 I hope to see you!!! I’ve also won a scholarship to do a Master’s in Peace Studies in Tokyo, Japan for 20 months from September 2016 so come visit!

I’m so lucky to have wonderful, meaningful and high quality interactions and experiences with you so thank you! Lots of peace, love, simplicity and contentment to you all…

Cheers, d’Arcy.  xx


New Year’s Resolutions – 2016 and review of 2015!

The resolutions that (don’t) matter for 2016…

  • Sunrise on the 29th of the month, as usual
  • Find a fish-shaped cloud after not catching one in 2015
  • Go skinny-dipping (naked swimming) at least three times
  • 10 push ups a day (I continue to like this one, not that the results show!)
  • Sit once a day for at least a couple of minutes (I hope to someday call this meditating!)
  • Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water
  • Memorise all the countries starting with N (10) and O (1 – Oman)
  • Say thank you to the world once a day
  • My favourite colour for 2015 will be green!
  • Meet someone from Niger now that I have Georgia and Armenia done
  • Write postcards to family and friend’s kids for birthdays – let me know if you want your kids to get a card from me!!!
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October

Continue to surround myself in good people doing good things!

 The resolution results for 2015…

Sunrise on the 29th of the month, as usual! Mostly
Hi 5 a random stranger on Tuesdays each week Once – too embarrassing
10 push ups a day (not specific to 5-6pm this time) Mostly
Meet someone from Georgia now that I have Armenia done Done and going in 2016!
Find a fish-shaped cloud after relative success with an elephant No luck, carry over
Sit once a week to breathe like a tree and meditate for 5-15minutes (I’m nervous about this one…) Kind of
Memorise all the countries starting with M (18 of them!) Yep, nailed it!
NO more Happy, simply homes! None!
With my first step outside each day take a big appreciative lung full of air and say thank you for another day I mostly forget but do find a time daily
Learn to crack an egg with one hand Yes, cool!
Do Buy Nothing New Month in October Loved it & will do again!
My favourite colour for 2015 will be pink! Was a bit much especially with the manlihood atmos of South Sudan!
Pop more monos (wheelies) on bicycles Not much…

On top of this I will be doing my continued best to see a world with more equality, access and opportunity through promotion of Teaspoons of Change, Happy, simply, Polio Points / Making the Point – keep connected here:

http://teaspoonsofchange.wordpress.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/teaspoonsofchange


Tajik goats

2016 by date and place *note all should be written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

Date Place What!
8-15 Jan KL, Malaysia Youth empowerment programs with the JUMP! Foundation
16-22 Jan Bangkok, Thailand Teaspoons of Change presentations and youth conference plus a little JUMP!ing
23 Jan – 3 Feb Kathmandu, Nepal Visiting projects, hopefully a hike and prep for India
4-15 Feb Delhi, India Writing some global citizen curriculum with Global Poverty Project
16-23 Feb Sri Lanka Looking for projects to visit and mountains to hike!
24 Feb – 27 Mar Kyrgyzstan Behavioural change communications with UNICEF
28 Mar – 3 Apr Tbilisi, Georgia Quick visit and cultural immersion
4 Apr – end May UAE, Kuwait, Qatar Polio Points and Making the Point in collab with Gates Foundation for Middle East youth & schools
June, July, Aug Europe? UK? Afghanistan? South Sudan? Aotearoa? Wait and see and suggestions welcome but would love to do some polio work, advocacy, youth engagement and write a book… maybe?
Sep 2016 – 2017 Tokyo, Japan Won a Rotary Peace Fellowship scholarship to do a Master’s in Peace Studies for 20 months!

See where the crystal ball really sends me!!!

2015 Lunns


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