2017 New Year’s Evolutions!


20170102_131836New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2017

Hi Troops of Passion and Peace!

A happy Christmas and a very merry New Year once again 🙂

2016 was a banger in so many ways – a new confusing, wonderful and incredibly rich and real relationship that was never meant to survive with Serafina and is thriving like the eradication of polio; 23 countries; a huge variety of social justice jobs; and back to studies with a Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan since September.

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What I do love is keeping in touch via group email once a year (so intimate) and a few random shares of experiences past, near future and resolution ridiculousness…

But the biggest point is as always to say a huge thank you to all as I continue to live on the hospitality, generosity and kindness of others and the world…

The world is a wonderful place and I feel very lucky to interact with it in the way I do 🙂

Some dot points to sum up 2016…

  • Privileged to have been through 23 countries including around 10 new ones with the likes of Nepal, Georgia, Oman, Myanmar and many more taking my country count to 90 countries (still not even half of the 193 UN nation states)
  • Worked in youth empowerment, health promotion, global citizen education, Teaspoons of Change presentations and dedicated to a world trying to find more solutions than pollution
  • A couple of bigger highlights were:
    • helping out with the World’s Largest Lesson team in London to get one lesson dedicated to the Global Goals for every student in the world;
    • a TEDx talk in Dubai on gender equality (online soon);
    • a two-day workshop in western Kyrgyzstan bringing together a great mix of community members for proactive health behaviours; and
    • any hours or days spent in either of my happy simply tiny houses with my girlfriend!

See below for my scorecard of 2016 New Year Resolutions and some weird and wonderful evolutions for 2017!

2017 will see me in Tokyo Japan till end of June studying so come say hi! From there I’ll be doing some field work and research for my Masters learning and understanding a culture of peace through North America, UK, West Africa, the Middle East and back to Japan…

I’m keen to see where my studies and new lenses of peace will take me and always excited to wake up and see another day.

Cheers, d’Arcy.

New Year’s Resolutions – 2017 and review of 2016!

The resolutions that (don’t) matter for 2017…

  • Go outside within 15 minutes of waking up each morning
  • My favourite colour for 2015 will be dirty gold! Chosen by Serafina’s son, Noa
  • A sheep-shaped cloud – make sure you say that aloud and also chosen by Noa!
  • Appreciate my shadow more and those of others
  • Friday Funday dance off with my girlfriend and her son
  • Listen to at least one song every two days
  • Memorise all the countries starting with Q (1), R (3) and S (26) (UN States ref)
  • 10 push ups a day (I have excellent push-ups bars to raise the bar on my push-ups!)
  • Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 5th year in a row
  • Meet someone from Niger having not been successful in 2016 – I’ll be in the area…
  • Write postcards to family and friend’s kids for birthdays!!!
  • Give someone a low-10 at least once a month – bring it back, too many hi-5’s!
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October

A big one to give Teaspoons of Change a big push and continue to highlight good people doing good things!!! http://teaspoonsofchange.org 

The resolution results for 2016…

Sunrise on the 29th of the month, as usual! Hardly – this one has run its course
Find a fish-shaped cloud after not catching one in 2015


Serafina’s son, Noa found one!
Go skinny-dipping (naked swimming) at least three times Only once and tough to find opportunities
10 push ups a day (I continue to like this, not that results show!) Even got push-up bars!
Sit once a day for at least a couple of minutes (I hope to someday call this meditating!) A few times throughout the year and can do it!
Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water All good 4th year in a row!
Memorise all the countries starting with N (10) and O (1 – Oman) Tough but got it, now forgotten
Say thank you to the world once a day Always forget, so fail
My favourite colour for 2015 will be green! Enjoyed this so much!
Meet someone from Niger now that I did Georgia and Armenia No, carry over
Write postcards to family and friend’s kids for birthdays – let me know if you want your kids to get a card from me!!! Loved it and will do again this year!
Buy Nothing New Month once again in October Yep, was great

On top of this Teaspoons of Change now has a wonderful website thanks to my brilliant girlfriend: http://teaspoonsofchange.org

I also run a WhatsApp group called living geography with pics from around the world as I travel so send me a request if you are keen to join: +61 428 416 765

If you prefer a pictorial review of my year from over 20 countries then I have a google photos page as well 🙂 https://goo.gl/photos/6Tn7dAVR2RpADpc86

2017 by possible date and place *note all written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

Date Place What!
Jan – June Tokyo, Japan Studying in western Tokyo – come say hi!
19 – 22 Jan Bangkok, Thailand Presenting at an education conference in Bangkok
10 – 22 March Beijing, China Hope to be giving Teaspoons of Change presentations in collab with JUMP! Foundation
July North America, US/Canada Make my way from west to east coast to visit peace education and peace promotion people
Aug London, UK Hope to help out the World’s Largest Lesson
Sept – Oct Sierra Leone, Liberia Listen and learn about peace education in recent post-conflict countries of west Africa
Nov Amman, Jordan Peace Education in current conflict zones
Dec Japan? Oz? See if I have more subjects to complete and start my Master’s thesis

See where the crystal ball really sends me!!!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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