The True Superheroes of the World are Their Guardians

Think about Superman, Batman and maybe others (that is about my knowledge of superheroes) and how they were raised and how they got their values, behaviours and attitudes for doing good in the world.

Admittedly some of it comes from an unfortunate incident in their childhood and them wanting to seek revenge, but Superman and Batman were both raised by foster parents and guardians who aspired them to be and do good in the world.

Imagine if Superman and Batman had crappy guardians and used their powers for evil? Lex Luther, The Joker and all the other villains would dominate with evil in the world.

So, for those of us who don’t wear our superhero masks and capes to the shops anymore (except for my partner, Serafina and her son), we can aspire to be like the guardians of the superheros, to bring up our children to aspire to good and protect and support those who are vulnerable and facing challenges in their life!

Sorry to limit my superheros to the two obvious ones, I didn’t make it past the old superhero movies from the 80s…

If you want to be a superhero guardian or parent then check out Teaspoons of Change with a bunch of small but significant ideas and actions that contribute to positive impacts on people and the planet! Then who knows what good your daughter or son might do for the world!!! &

Sarah McSorley Impact Illustrator ToCh

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