2022 New Year’s Re-Constitutions!

New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2022

Super Simple Sunny Shanghai Start to 2022!

Hi folks a Happy X’mas & Merry New Year to you all from Shanghai, China which is now my ‘home’ and has been since Earth Day 22 April 2021…

It was a messy start of the year in 2021 as I was still in the uncertain and unprocessed stages of visas and heartbreak (through mutual agreement I must add [for the heartbreak]). I was meant to be on a flight in the first week of Jan to my new life in China and run away from Adelaide which couldn’t come soon enough! It didn’t come soon enough, and visa delays had me there till April where I had to process emotions and deal with personal challenges for the first time in my life without running away! It sucked but everyone says it makes you stronger, hmmm maybe 😉 

Anyway, I finally did get a visa and was delighted to be on a plane and set to be living in China. I felt a greater sense of freedom in my hotel quarantine room for 14-days than I had felt for the 4+ months before that… I certainly know I am made for a foreign life and living in a place that I didn’t grow up in. Nothing wrong with Adelaide or Australia but just not for me as a place to live for now!!

Part of the obstacle course I set up in my quarantine hotel room and getting through the legs of the chair! 😉

Since being in China and based out of Shanghai from April I’ve been loving my work, life and this new way of being where I have a job, get paid and live in Shanghai – so strange! I keep it a little unpredictable by moving apartments every couple of months so I don’t get too ‘settled’! I love living in different places as they each carry a different feel, experiences and strong memory stickers.

My job is with the EiM group of schools that includes Dulwich, Dehong and Green Schools. I’m Group Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship and get to spend a week or two in each of the schools in China each academic year so still plenty of travel and nomadding, just within China. I’ve been learning a lot about carbon mapping and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) reporting and how to make it relevant, educational and real-world for our students, teachers, staff and schools. It’s the first time I’ve done depth instead of breadth work since, maybe, forever 😉 

Outside of work I’ve gotten into running in a very new way than ever before. I’ve been running since I was 6 years old when I’d run my dog by the railway line in Kadina. I’ve always loved running and before this year had done a few marathons and would run at least once a week. I hadn’t ever formally trained, been in a race or taken on running as a sport. Three days out of quarantine a school colleague invited me to do a 10km race before dawn on the Bund in Shanghai at 4.30am. I ran, came third and couldn’t walk for a week since I hadn’t run for two weeks being in a hotel room 🙂 What it did is connect me with the running community in Shanghai and that has been my passion and crew since! I’ve been training a couple times a week, run plenty of community organised races, run all kinds of PBs, taken on new physical challenges that even I didn’t think was possible, and made some wonderful new friends. 

So this new year’s day I put on some shoes, carried a backpack of food and water and went for a run along a few rivers in Shanghai. 10.5 hours later I’d run 105kms! Running has become a lovely part of my life in Shanghai… 

In an educational sense I’ve been lucky to continue to present in our schools and online and I still love speaking to audiences and engaging with them… I managed 110 presentations / workshops to 8796 people from global citizenship competencies, carbon mapping, Teaspoons of Change and anything else people were fascinated or forced to listen to! 🙂 I’m proud that in the past 11 years I’ve managed 1732 presentations to 149,868 people. The numbers matter to me as it is a thermometer for my way to do something in the world that tries to add Teaspoons of Change that I love doing, and I hope makes a tiny contribution to a better planet and society…

On a panel recently where upon entering the zoom room the Prime Minister of Barbados was in full swing with a Monsignor from the Vatican was next followed by the Minister of Education from Greece and some guy with a Teaspoons of Change background after that 😉 

This year it is New Year Re-Constitutions as I think we are all having to reinvent ourselves and rephrase everything in life! I wish everyone the very best in your slice of life for 2022 and send good vibes and hugs to you all… 

Here are the NY Re-Constitutions for 2022 and a scorecard on 2021 🙂 


New Year’s Re-Constitutions 2022 and review of 2020!

For 2022…

New ones

This is the one I’m most excited about – conduct a poll on what people prefer: left or right; odd or even; north or south – add your answers here and no fence sitting!
Lay in bed till 10am at least once this year! I did it when I was in hotel quarantine in China in 2021 and it was such a novelty and worth doing again at least once more in my life! 😉 
Develop a closer relationship with trees swaying in the wind – I think there is something a little hidden and beautiful in that… So closer attention to trees and the wind in unison 
Try to use the word bumrush in 3 different contexts appropriately – the more formal the better
Run a marathon each month as a part of the Insanity Challenge 2022

Carryover from last year(s) to do again (some of them for a long time now!)

Try to catch at least 20! different leaves, from different trees, on different days
Find a tiger-shaped cloud – I’m in China, it will be year of the tiger & shout out to the UrbanTigers running group in Shanghai! 
Favourite colour in 2022 is red! Has an aura in China and not a colour I’ve liked much in the past
Repeat – Meet someone from Angola! Didn’t happen in 2021…
Repeat – Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 10th year in a row
Repeat – 4pm each day pause for four DEEP breaths and connect with everything and nothing!
Repeat – Leave voice messages for kids birthdays – Love doing this – add your kid to the list if you want a message from me to them (and I have your WeChat / WhatsApp!)
+ the more common (boring) ones of push-ups, chin-ups, didgeridoo practice, Buy Nothing New Month in October & some more Mandarin learning…

Always find new and exciting ways to add plenty of Teaspoons of Change! 😊

The resolution results from 2021…

Change my ring tone each year with the song I’m into at that time (switch from Hang Massive to Mos Def to now didgeridoo hip-hop!Since moving to China everything is phone-dependent, it’s quite stressful, so haven’t reset phone tone but good reminder to do this!
Spend at least 30 mins playing my new didg once a weekFail. Lots during quarantine but not much since then so keen to do more!
Try something Chinese and new since I will be living there – language, cooking, hip-hop dance, indoor sport in winter, maybe a tai chi or chi-gong or some Taoist pursuit…?Have listened to more Taoist stuff including the Tao of Pooh (bear). Got a couple tai chi lessons lined up!
Repeat – At 4pm each day pause for four DEEP breaths and connect with everything and nothing!Not bad and got a good morning meditation practice going…
Repeat – Never been big on flossing so I will make sure I floss on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, at least!Not as routine as Tues & Thurs but def. a part of my oral hygiene practice now!
Try to catch at least 10 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year Totally nailed it. 20 leaves! Set a new bar for 2022 of 20 leaves – join me!
Find a sheep-shaped cloud – failed it a couple years ago but still believe I can see one! Sort of, not great but ok sheep version – see below…
My favourite colour for 2021 will be purple! Just like my tiny house in New Zealand Stuck to it as much as I could remember and realised I do like purple overall
Repeat – Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 9th year in a rowTough in Shanghai summer running in a puddle of sweat & some dehydration!!!
Repeat – Meet someone from Angola!Fail. Carry over to 2022 and such a small African presence in China… Might need to the embassy in Beijing 🙂 
Repeat – Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – Love doing this – add your kid to the list if you want a message from me to them (and I have your WhatsApp!)Did this again and love sending a random message from a random place for kids b’days. Hope they like it too! 🙂 
NEW – Run a half marathon once a monthNailed this one and ran about 5-6 full marathons in 2021 🙂 

A look at 2021 in Pictures… 🙂

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