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Walking & Riding for Teaspoons of Change & the Global Goals in 2018

Originally posted on Live Below the Line Lunny:
It’s been a while to get on this blog but nice to be back here. I’m off again ready for another trip! My last proper trip was back in 2014 when I…

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Teaspoons of peace that will last a lifetime

Originally posted on Rotary Voices:
With peace makers from around the world at the International Institute on Peace Education conference in Innsbruck, Austria By d’Arcy Lunn, 2016-18 Rotary Peace Fellow, International Christian University, Tokyo Take visiting 15 countries over five…

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2018 New Year’s Constitutions!

New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2018 Hi People of purpose for planet and global society! A happy Christmas and a very merry New Year from Adelaide, Australia where I will be till the end of March (the longest time … Continue reading

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‘Hey White Man!’ – how I can empathise a little more with women…

‘Hey White Man!’ is something I hear a lot as I walk the streets of Liberia. I’m not unfamiliar with these kinds of calls from living a year in Ethiopia to the calls of ‘Ferenji!’, or Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania … Continue reading

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The True Superheroes of the World are Their Guardians

Think about Superman, Batman and maybe others (that is about my knowledge of superheroes) and how they were raised and how they got their values, behaviours and attitudes for doing good in the world. Admittedly some of it comes from … Continue reading

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That special kind of feeling… (travel & Africa)

There are actually a couple special kinds of feelings I want to look at in this one. They are both related to travel however. The first is the feeling I get of being in a new country. The pattern is … Continue reading

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Is Formal Education Really Education?

For the first time in 10 months I have the opportunity to write as a normal native natural human! I can write as I wish with the primary focus of connecting to people, feelings, understanding and discovery without an academic … Continue reading

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