Normal Life in the Life of Lunny is where I keep track of what I am doing and where… As a profesional resident volunteer nomad I have been given the best hand dealt in life which I use for social justice, learning and working towards justice and equality for all. It has taken me to more than 55 counties learning, working and sharing from a range of people and places.

The blog usually capitulates the way I see the world and experience it having had a wealthy rich life of diverse experiences and how it slots me into the current place I am with the current people around me.

Normal Life in the Life of Lunny: https://lunny06.wordpress.com 

3 Responses to About

  1. The Simple Italians says:

    Thanks for the Like! All your travels and opportunities of service are awesome!

    • lunny06 says:

      Thank you Simple Italians! I have sent on your blog to many of my slightly older friends who think simplicity is for young progressives… When we get to choose simplicity the world really opens itself up eh…!

      Let me know if you are down in Aotearoa New Zealand anytime to stay at the Happy, simply home and likewise would love to see your little patch in the world.

      Many Thanks


      • The Simple Italians says:

        Thanks for the invite; we’d love to visit N.Zealand! Look us up if you’re up this way. I like your diplomatic way…my slightly older friends! Which I guess does just about sum us up. We’re not exactly old (yet) and no longer young!

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