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What an Awesome Normal Week of Thoughts, Inspiration and Action

Happy and fulfilling living can sometimes be an easy formula this has been mine for the week. Thoughts… My girlfriend 24-7 10-18 year olds are more amazing than they have ever been Humanism and the best most important things in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Walk

What a productive thing a walk can be… Let’s put aside the fact that – it is healthy – you interact with the environment around you – you have time to think about real matter instead of been given things … Continue reading

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Sunshiney Day – Sunshine Coast

I’m sure this is the reason why people say I should write a blog… Today was just like most other days for me and as you will see my life is incredibly rich as a volunteer! After a drenching ride … Continue reading

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Airlines, Tigers and Nightmares – Oh MY! (or Nightmare Tiger Airline!)

I should be used to being bent-over by Tiger Airways but they find new and inventive ways to do it each time, once again I feel like my past haemorrhoids (named Tony [my bleeding haemorrhoids] are back to haunt me… … Continue reading

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