2020 New Year’s Conclusions!

New Year’s Resolutions & Message – 2020

Greetings People, Planet and Porcupines!

A Happy Christmas and Merry New Year / Decade from Aotearoa New Zealand once again (before heading to China to kickstart 2020 with more global citizenship, sustainability and positive change)! 


talking with students

2019 was a grand buzz with the most presentations and engagements I’ve ever had in a calendar year – 277 to 23,346 people in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. It is also now 10 years of working in global citizenship education which has grown to 1260 engagements to 116,334 people. I bring this up because in 2001 when I decided I would try to make a difference to injustice in the world this is exactly what I had imagined – or something like it. I love having a purpose and waking up on Mondays and that is a mixture of privilege and passion. I always wondered what my line would be for “I thought I was only going to do this for a year and it’s now been 20 years!”


Personally, it’s been another year of wonderful growth along with the worthy challenges of sharing life with someone. It is beautiful to be connected with another human and quality experiences journeying with someone – thank you Serafina for us to remain intimately connected in person and across space and time (me being in other countries most of the time).


For 19 years now, I have had to say year on year: THANK YOU to the world for the continued hospitality and generosity that I receive. I love humanity but it comes down to people being willing to share their lot with me. So again, THANK YOU WORLD!

Some dot point to sum up 2019… 

  • 6 months working with JUMP! Foundation and the incredible people who work there and lead by a good friend and inspirationalist, Justin Bedard.
  • I spent a whole winter in Australia and dabbled with SDG engagement in business through the Future Business Council and others. Lots of learning and great chats with wonderful people doing wonderful things like SEVENTEENx, WunderTraining & BCSDA (Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia)
  • Since September I’ve visited 8 of the 12 Dulwich International Colleges in China and SE Asia. I feel very lucky & joyous to be spending 1-2 weeks in each of their schools to share Teaspoons of Change and enhance global citizenship and sustainability

See below for my scorecard of 2019 New Year Inclusions and some weird and wonderful conclusions for 2020! 😊

2020 is looking promising once again for global citizenship engagement and adding as many Teaspoons of Change I can to this wonderful planet and the people on it… Specifically I’m looking forward to:

  • I’m planning a mostly walking journey in summer in Europe this year. I’ve been stuck in the 90’s for the number of countries I’ve been to (93) for a while now so this year I do aim to reach 100 countries and do around 1000km of walking from Bucharest to Budapest to Bratislava and a few side trips
  • The development of a Global Citizenship Collective with other global citizenship educators 
  • August onwards I have no idea what I am doing but love not knowing and see what jigsaw will appear from here! 

IMG-20191230-WA0056.jpgBig hugs and best well wishes to you all for a healthy, happy, purposeful 2020 & decade ahead – I hope to see you in the next 3653 days!

Many hugs, loads of peace and good vibes to us all!


New Year’s Conclusions 2020 and review of 2019!

For 2020…

  • At 4pm each day pause for at least three DEEP breathes and appreciate the humility and importance of oxygen and our bodies to utilise it – I’m getting way better at meditation these days thanks to Insight Time (& Serafina) 😊 
  • Never been big on flossing so I will make sure I floss on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, at least!
  • Try to catch at least 15 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year – loved this one so much in 2019
  • Only ONE serving of ice cream a month – as I get closer to ending my diary connection!
  • Find a bird-shaped cloud – I’ll be looking into the sky a lot this year! 
  • Make a donation for myself and Noa to good people and organisations on the 29th of each month – you can do it too! I’m set to give my biggest donations ever this year – exciting!!!
  • Memorise all the countries starting with W (2 – Wales and Western Sahara [not UN states but good enough]) and Y (1 – Yemen) and Z (2 – Zambia and Zimbabwe)
  • At least 20 chin ups per week – I like trying to find something above my head to hold my weight everywhere I go 
  • My favourite colour for 2020 will again be lime! I forgot about it most of the year in 2019
  • Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 8th year in a row
  • Meet someone from Angola!
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October
  • Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – I was getting slack with postcards!

Think and act on as many Teaspoons of Change as I can each day!!!


My first leaf catch for 2020!!! 🙂 

The resolution results from 2019…

Try to catch at least 10 different leaves falling off different trees  Actually got 14 in the end
Find an Australian-shaped cloud  Nup too hard, bad choice 😉
One serving of ice cream a month Not bad but Xmas fail
Continue to not buy a single bottle of drink in a plastic bottled All good 7th year in a row!
Learnt to count to 10 in Arabic Nup, didn’t look at this once ;( 
Make a donation on 29th of each month with Noa Loved it and so did Noa!
Memorise all the countries starting with U & V Nup, didn’t list them & learn
20 chin-ups per week Yep, doesn’t show but love it
My favourite colour for 2019 – lime! Forgot it and revisit in 2020
Meet someone from Turkmenistan  Sort of, a teacher of 6 years there
Leave voice messages for friends kids for birthdays  Love doing this
Buy Nothing New Month once again in October Completely failed must do better!

If you want to keep up with my movements throughout the year follow this doc. I also have an Instagram account called darcy_living_geo if you want to keep up visually with my movements around the globe…

2019 by possible date and place *note all written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

Tue 7 Jan – Fri 14 Feb China & SE Asia Dulwich College – Shanghai, Yangon, Pudong
Sat 15 Feb – Wed 11 Mar Australia Teaspoons of Change
Thur 12 Mar – Fri 24 Apr China & SE Asia EARCOS Bangkok, Dulwich Colleges – Beijing, Xi’an, Suzhou
Sat 25 Apr – Sat 23 May Australia Teaspoons of Change
Sun 24 May – Fri 12 Jun China & SE Asia DC – Seoul; DCI – Singapore / Shanghai
Sat 13 Jun… Anywhere Anything

See where the crystal ball really sends me!!!


About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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3 Responses to 2020 New Year’s Conclusions!

  1. Reblogged this on Happy Simply – a sustainable lifestyle model & education project and commented:

    Still at it with the advocacy and travel thing… These days I actually get to spend a few more days in the Happy-Simply homes – including for the first time in 2.5yrs, in Paekakariki! Wishing bests for the year ahead 🙂 xx d’Arcy.

  2. LULU LUNN says:

    Love reading your coulda been woulda been & nailed it’s. Good luck & lots love in 2020 xxxxx

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