2019 New Year Inclusions!

New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2019

xmas 2018 nz

Hi Happy Humans for Prosperity and Purpose!

A happy Christmas from Aotearoa New Zealand and a very merry New Year from Adelaide, Australia! A couple of lovely weeks in NZ with Serafina and her family and back in Adelaide to gear up for the next set of 365!

2018 is happily over where I begrudgingly finished my Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan (better for it but definitely don’t need to go back for further academic study in the future) and gave Teaspoons of Change in South Australia a shot with some adaptations along the way…

Serafina and I have refined our connection on our terms and expectations rather than societies, and are beautifully connected whether in each other’s company or in other parts of the world!

Always love saying a big hello to the world who has nurtured, supported and given me generosity for the past 18 years across more than 90 countries – THANK YOU!!!

The world continues to be a wonderful place and I feel very lucky to be included in it, and in the way I’m allowed to do it each year!

Some dot point to sum up 2018…

  • 20180601_1218286 months in Japan completing the course work for my Master’s in Peace Studies – it was mostly uninspiring, lacking context and relevance but I created a report based on my thesis called Teaspoons of Peace – How and Why Teaspoons of Peace Work : in contexts, theory, and perceptions influencing a culture of positive peace… (小さな変化が積極
  • 的平和の文化に与える影響)



  • th school3The second half of the year was spent in Teaspoons of Change and giving presentations and creating new models for global citizenship education engagement including global citizen in residences and week-long engagements for schools to integrate global citizenship into who they are, not just what they do – find out more here!
  • 20180923_122511 (2)I went on a 1000km cycle in South Australia to promote the Global Goals and global citizenship which took me 1400km of cycling!! Wonderful to engage with rural South Australia once again having been born and brought up in country SA. Blog post here!
  • Most recently I’ve brought Teaspoons of Change into the brilliant JUMP! Foundation to try and replicate some models and expand the reach of global citizenship education in collaboration with this brilliant youth engagement not-for-profit social enterprise as the Global Citizenship Director – exciting for the year ahead!
  • In 2018 I was also fortunate to give 166 Teaspoons of Change presentations and workshops to 15,605 people in the calendar year across the globe with a grand total since 2009 of 983 presentations to 92,988 people


See below for my scorecard of 2018 New Year Evolutions and some weird and wonderful Inclusions for 2019!

2019 is a very exciting year ahead to add some great models and a buffet of global citizenship education with JUMP! and add as many Teaspoons of Change I can to this wonderful planet and the people on it!

Big hugs and best well wishes to you all for a healthy, happy, purposeful 2019!

Many Hugs



2018 by pictorial representation…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New Year’s Inclusions – 2019 and review of 2018!

For 2019…

  • Try to catch at least 10 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year
  • Only ONE serving of ice cream a month – as I get closer to ending my diary connection!
  • Find an Australian-shaped cloud – time to move on from sheep!
  • Make a donation to my favourite people and organisations on the 29th of each month supporting good people doing good things!!! (you can do it too!)
  • Learnt to count to 10 in Arabic
  • Memorise all the countries starting with U (7) and V (4)
  • At least 20 chin ups per week – not many but surprising the difference it feels J
  • My favourite colour for 2019 will be lime! Used to love it as a kid…
  • Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 7th year in a row
  • Meet someone from Turkmenistan and/or Niger!
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October
  • Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – I was getting slack with postcards!

Think and act on as many Teaspoons of Change as I can each day!!!

The resolution results from 2018…

Try to catch at least 10 leaves falling off a tree throughout the year Loved this so much!
Find a sheep-shaped cloud Sort of – see attached…
Give people low-5’s instead of hi-5’s Liked this one a lot!
Try and do 2-min meditations with Noa on Sunday mornings Nup, meditate when I need
Try to live with the least amount of hate, ever? (most amount of love!) Good intention, tough reality
Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water All good 6th year in a row!
Memorise all the countries starting with T (12 – including Tibet) Lost a few in last months
10 push ups a day, + find a chin-up spot for a few times a week! Yep, chin ups are on!
My favourite colour for 2018 – black! Defn not my colour!
Meet someone from Niger – carried over from 2016 Still nup, need more effort
Write postcards to family and friend’s kids for birthdays Mostly, swap to voice msgs
Buy Nothing New Month once again in October Was great + during my ride

I also run a WhatsApp group called living geography with pics from around the world as I travel so send me a request if you are keen to join: +61 428 416 765

2019 by possible date and place *note all written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

Date Place What!
31 Dec – 15 Jan Adelaide, Australia JUMP! Foundation and Teaspoons of Change global citizenship education engagement J
15 -20 Jan Shanghai, China Leadership conference
20-24 Jan Abu Dhabi, UAE Global citizenship education
27 Jan – Sat 2 Feb Dubai, UAE Global citizenship education
2 – 8 Feb Amman, Jordan Teaspoons of Change and GCED support
9-16 Feb Dubai, UAE Global citizenship education
16 Feb – 17 Mar Shanghai, China Global citizen in residence for a month! J
20-23 Feb Shenzhen, China TEDx talk on the invisibility of change…
17 – 22 Mar Vientiane, Laos Global citizenship education
23 – 26 Mar Bangkok, Thailand Global citizenship education
27 Mar – 14 Apr Adelaide, Australia Teaspoons of Change
15 Apr onwards… Offers in Canada, China, Middle East, Australia, Jakarta…
May – Dec Anywhere Anything… See where the world takes things!

See where the crystal ball really sends me!!!

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