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Excessive Minimalism …

My last little post before some 2012 resolutions next week, but if you are feeling guilty for not getting everyone everything this Christmas then this might help… Trying to have less is usually harder than wanting more – why? If … Continue reading

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Accidental Transvestite

I’m happily naive… it keeps things innocent, free, interesting and joyful.  Not sure if it a case of good luck or being blissfully ignorant but I rarely second guess myself in situations. I don’t always go into things with my … Continue reading

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I never feel uncomfortable when I have this for reflection

Ever wondered what the topic of development means? This is cultural exchange and capacity building at its best… I find it difficult to not feel tip top and after quite an uncomfortable week stemming from my recent backside operation a … Continue reading

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A Positive Insight into Haemorrhoids

Great news – Tony, my final bleeding haemorrhoid will be removed tomorrow (and it’s my cousin’s wedding)! I know sharing is caring but could be pushing it a little here… but also love the fact that the mention of haemorrhoids … Continue reading

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Living left but always time for Squatter

I like to live on the left and I like to think radically left. I get fascinated about words or documentaries that talk about dismantling the system, bringing down the corporations and radical theories of simplicity where less is more. … Continue reading

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What an Awesome Normal Week of Thoughts, Inspiration and Action

Happy and fulfilling living can sometimes be an easy formula this has been mine for the week. Thoughts… My girlfriend 24-7 10-18 year olds are more amazing than they have ever been Humanism and the best most important things in … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Walk

What a productive thing a walk can be… Let’s put aside the fact that – it is healthy – you interact with the environment around you – you have time to think about real matter instead of been given things … Continue reading

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