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A Positive Insight into Haemorrhoids

Great news – Tony, my final bleeding haemorrhoid will be removed tomorrow (and it’s my cousin’s wedding)! I know sharing is caring but could be pushing it a little here… but also love the fact that the mention of haemorrhoids … Continue reading

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I like women with hairy armpits and legs…

When I see a woman with hairy armpits or legs I think of these things… Why is there an expectation that women shave their armpits and legs? Where did it come from? How did it catch on? Why does it … Continue reading

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What did you think about in your minute of silenced for Remembrance Day?

I started with I really needed to stand up and go to the toilet but then it progressed to why war? why conflict? why aggression? why anger? why resolve with these emotions and actions??? WHY? I love life, people and … Continue reading

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Living left but always time for Squatter

I like to live on the left and I like to think radically left. I get fascinated about words or documentaries that talk about dismantling the system, bringing down the corporations and radical theories of simplicity where less is more. … Continue reading

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