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A better more pure world without money

The best things in Live Below the Line are Free – a wonderful lesson learnt! I had a profound Live Below the Line moment last evening. There have been moments of great reflection and thinking throughout my 26 days of … Continue reading

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This is how I roll… sperm count

Doesn’t Every Male Get Their Sperm Count Done??? Well apparently not… I thought it was something all men do if they are in a relationship that would ultimately lead to children. Having been hit in the goolies on a number … Continue reading

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How will you celebrate – big roast or big resolves?

Firstly a huge congratulations to everyone taking part in Live Below the Line – totally amazing! As a presenter and manager at the Global Poverty Project I would like to offer everyone a challenge in how you celebrate your week … Continue reading

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Appreciation, Forgiveness and some Grace

If someone offered me an opportunity to increase in any of these traits I would take it… Well a friend did offer me the opportunity to be a better walker of the planet (not in a physical sense – I … Continue reading

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Live to Eat? Eat to Live?

Well at the moment as I am into day 12 of 4 weeks of Live Below the Line and I am the latter. But for me I believe this is the way it should be and has been for most … Continue reading

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What is security for the future…?

I have to give this blog a little intro – I am currently day 5 of 28 of Living Below the Line (Less than $2 a day each day for food and drinks) so I feel a little more justified … Continue reading

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What was your reaction…?

I think what ever your reaction was to the news of Osama Bin Laden announced dead can define a little where you are in your life right now… Personally I think the killing of Osama means nothing and does nothing. … Continue reading

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