Just before I kick off another year in social justice advocacy – thank you!

Dear Anyone / Everyone (especially in 2012 and in the past years)!

I hope the start to the year has been a good one for you.

I must say a HUGE thank you for your support in 2012, and probably longer than that, as it was a very privileged and wonderful year where I was able to: 

  • ride, walk and journey 1000 miles in northwest, USA and BC, Canada while eating on $1.50 per day;
  • travel across Canada for 5 months volunteering and working on advocacy with the Canadian public and government for the global eradication of polio;
  • organise a polio dinner event with Rotary in Montreal for 125 people and attended by former Canadian PM, Paul Martin, raising awareness and $18,000 for polio eradication efforts
  • attend the high level polio meeting at the United Nations General Assembly in New York;
  • help in the organisation of the Global Citizen Festival – an awareness-raising and action concert in Central Park with 60,000 people there live and a further 15 million watching online and on TV;
  • travel to Pakistan and India visiting polio programs on the ground and giving presentations adding to the 65 presentations and 3000 audience members I had presented to in Canada; and
  • return home safely to Australia to refresh and get ready to do it all over again this year!

Sorry for the spiel/boast but really the support I receive from each of you and others in housing, transporting, feeding or talking to me makes it possible for me to work largely as a volunteer, follow my dreams and advocate for those who don’t the freedom, access and opportunities I have.

This year I am set to:

  • lead polio eradication for the Global Poverty Project and The End of Polio campaign in Aotearoa New Zealand, while also implementing a personal little venture called Happy, simply. – a lifestyle model and education project;
  • return to Australia for a month or so to keep the foreign aid budget in tact;
  • a possible trip to Brunei and Pakistan for a PolioPoints school program with huge international implications; and
  • for the final 6-7 months I will be volunteering on the Stop the Transmission Of Polio program likely to be in Africa, Afghanistan or Pakistan – a very exciting and rewarding year ahead!
  • (and on top of this I will be a donor father for a friend of mine who is due to give birth on 14 April)

Before I step back into the office next Monday I wanted to give you all a big thank you for your support and know that it makes a huge difference to me and hopefully others I have learnt from…

Many big/huge/wonderful/happy Thanks


A few links on the past year and for 2013:

– My Live Below the Line trip of 2012 – http://lunnyLBTL.wordpress.com

– The polio advocacy work I did in Canada – http://www.theendofpolio.com/home/2012/06/the-presentation-and-engagement-with-polio/

– My time in Pakistan and India – https://lunny06.wordpress.com

– The Happy, simply. project – http://happysimply.wordpress.com/

Pretending to look formal and important!

Pretending to look formal and important!

me & bike ready to tour

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